Check out my Healthy Pizza & Curly Wurly's - Tara Hammett

Check out my Healthy Pizza & Curly Wurly’s

^^ That healthy pizza and choccy treats isn’t part of the Detox Week plan BTW 😉

Just thought I’d share with you our goodies from last night.

I’m a big choccy fan and Deaks is more of a crisp fan 

(Couldn’t leave Danny out)

So we decided that we’d have a healthy pizza for out meal and chill out with 

a movie and those goodies.

What I’m loving today about our choices is we don’t feel bad for it today.

Not ‘guilty bad’ but ‘food hangover bad’

You get what I mean?

Whenever we cave to things like Chinese take-away, processed meats,

high salt & additive foods we just feel rubbish the next day.


Fuzzy head

Less energy


A bit of choccy though – yumsters

SO instead of going too far with the indulgence and getting the full works pizza delivered, 

I made us a healthy version chicken & spicy chicken sausage pizza and the choccy was totally enjoyed guilt free.

Now the trick to enjoying your fave indulgence and not feeling guilty is what you do after.

Today, we’re straight back to our healthy lifestyle.

Prepping good meals that we enjoy and planning the week ahead.

Sunday is THE perfect day for getting organised for the week ahead.

What you do today will make the whole difference for what you achieve with your health goals over the next 7 days.

What indulgence did you enjoy last night?

What are you doing to make the next week a pretty awesome one?

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….you can still join the girls on their first week of Taransforming their body and lifestyle in the 

Detox Week.

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This time next week you could be:

Pounds lighter

Less Bloated

Lost inches around your waist

Sleeping better

Feeling proud that you actually did something for yourself rather than thinking what you SHOULD be doing.

The shopping list,

Meal plan

Recipes and

24/7 support is waiting for you.

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Happy Prep Day!

Tara xxx

  • July 23, 2017