Check Out Beth’s Transformation - Tara Hammett

Check Out Beth’s Transformation

Beth Lloyd Morgan

I'm loving Beth's success.....and check out why she has now changed her goal.

18months ago Beth came along to one of my seminars.

She was sat there, in the audience learning all about my 5 steps to changing your body. Afterwards she felt totally inspired by the success stories I was sharing.

At the time Beth dreamed of losing weight, getting down to 10 stone dropping many dress sizes and feeling healthier & happier with her body.

This time around, Beth was one of the success stories I shared on the night.

Not only has she achieved her goal body......she is now working towards her dream body.

Now she's working on definition and she's super motivated....because she's got a girly holiday coming up.

Whilst being excited for holidays, this is what so many people dread.

Going away with 'skinny' friends and feeling like the frumpy one Too embarrassed to take sarongs & kaftans off Dread walking to the pool or the sea

Now is the time to change that.

If you, like Beth, want to feel more toned, have a flatter stomach and feel confident in summer clothes and swimwear NOW if the time to start.

It will be no good waiting until 2 weeks before your holiday (wedding or event) and
hoping for a miracle whilst trying every drastic, miserable diet out there.

You must grab your opportunity now - NOBODY will do it for you.
You are responsible for where you are right now, how you look and how you feel

So grab your opportunity to be like Beth

I'm so proud of Beth.

Not only has she worked hard and been there to support and inspire so many,
she one of the nicest girls I've met (and not just because she buys me chocolate)

If you would LOVE to drop a few pounds, few dress sizes and gain a huge confidence boost, time is running out for you to join my Life Taransformer 12 week plan.

^^ This is my guaranteed results plan.

It's warm up week and the girls are starting to get to know each other and set their 12 week goals.

What would you love to achieve in 12 weeks?

P.S we're 5 weeks into the first 6 week body plan and the results are looking awesome.

Big well done to Emma who has lost 12lbs and Helen who has lost 10.3lbs and 17 inches!

Tara Hammett