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Check Out My ACTUAL Food Shop for This Week

Hey , I wanted to show you this ^^^

It’s part of the receipt from what food arrived yesterday to keep us loaded with good food for the next few days.

This can be the hardest part to get started…..WHAT do you buy out of all the food in the supermarket.

I do it online for a few reasons…

TIME: massive saver for me

STAYING ON TRACK…I go to my favourites and get similar things so I’m not distracted or tempted by the goodies and offers.

I  know this may not be for everyone, It is much nicer picking your own stuff but you could always save my shopping list and take it with you if you wanted to do similar

…..minus the hairspray and wet wipes 😉

Once it arrived I got to action.

I put the oven on ready to put chicken breast & salmon in.

As they were cooking I unloaded the rest of the shopping.

I also boiled the kettle and put a load of eggs so we have hard boiled eggs to grab easily.

Last night (you’ll see in my Instagram) I did some meal prep.


Awesome for the family
Or perfect meal prep to keep you on track for a few days

This was super simple to make.

Just a bit of chopping and all the food went into the oven for 20mins.

Simple and this can eliminate ALL the excuses of ‘Don’t have time’ and ‘Don’t know what to make that’s healthy’.

It’s also a brand new recipe in DETOX WEEK which is opening on Friday.

Do you need a kick up the butt, some motivation to get back on track and a whole week of support to see those pounds and inches drop??

It’s ‘secure your spot’ time

We were talking about meal prep, staying on track and what to grab when you’re out and about last night in the Life Taransformer meeting, and my LIVE Facebook video so now you have some more tools to help you get some inspiration to be healthier and lose weight.

Does sharing info like this help?

Let me know….

Tara xxxx

P.S IF you want to join in with me and the team on Detox week and enjoy Italian Chicken as part of your meal plan, you can join here : DETOX WEEK JOIN LINK

  • September 12, 2017