Carbs really are my enemy - Tara Hammett

Carbs really are my enemy

You feel like that?

To scared to eat them because you’re told all the time to avoid them,

You feel bloated from them,

You look at them and you put on weight!

Let’s not look at carbs as the complete bad guy.

Yes…many people over eat them and could do much better with food choices, but there’s no need to exclude them completely.

You CAN still eat them, and enjoy them and not have to worry about putting on 3lbs instantly

You’ve just got to choose the right ones and be mindful about them

(and please don’t blame it all on the carbs when you know what other things sneak into your day when you’re not paying attention. Alcohol, choccies, biscuits, kids leftovers)

I’ve been going through the applications for the Life Taransformer programme which starts on Monday

….Joining in?

Thought I’d share this as I know so many think and feel the same:

“I know you shouldn’t exclude a food group, but carbs really are my enemy – every time I eat them I put on weight and feel bloated and uncomfortable. I’ve minimal willpower, will start trying every Monday to be “back on it” and then fall back into bad habits by Wednesday/Thursday at best. 

When I’m good at controlling my food I lack the willpower to exercise, even though I loved the 12 min hiit sessions before!

I just get lazy!”

Do you get lazy too?

Start Monday full of optimism that you’re gonna be ‘back on it’ but give in to yourself mid-week because you’re sick of obsessing and restricting.

Do you keep trying and then failing, losing and putting back on…losing all confidence and you know it will continue to get worse if nothing changes.

Tonight I will be LIVE on Facebook talking about how you can eat carbs and NOT feel bloated

How you can eat carbs and STILL LOSE WEIGHT

And if you really want to change and fancy joining me every day for 12 weeks to really help you lose weight and learn how to keep it off, apply to join in with me and the Life Taransformer 12 programme

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P.S Thank you everyone that joined in with my poll to find out what you want more of.
Looks like I’ll be getting a shopping list and some more eating plans to you soon.
Let me know if there’s anything else you’d love
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  • July 17, 2017