Can You Really Lose Weight During The Festive Season? | Tara Hammett

Can You Really Lose Weight During The Festive Season?

Lose Weight During The Festive Season

It’s so hard to lose weight, especially at certain times of the year. We have so many things that could get in the way of us getting towards our weight loss goals – if we think that way!

There are many celebrations I could mention from Easter right the way through to Christmas. In between there will be Summer holidays, weddings, birthdays and more and thank goodness for them. Life should be full of excitement, adventures, challenges, parties and creating wonderful memories with loved ones.

Life’s too short to feel guilty all the time!

But how do we survive these celebrations  and enjoy without causing too much damage to our weight loss? Feeling guilty about eating and drinking is something so many of the women I have worked with have felt and we need to stop responding like this.

I do have some top tips so see you through without worrying about putting on a few pounds overnight and feeling like a failure.

Plan For Success (Not Failure)

If you know in advance about what is coming up, you can make sure that you prepare and have a strong week before:

  • Plan your workouts along with your rest,
  • Get some good sleep,
  • Drink plenty of water,
  • Eat good food and stay focused so you can indulge a bit on the weekend.

By saving some calories each day you can eat or drink a few more on your party day without ruining your chance of weight loss that week.

On the day of your party, to make sure you feel your best what I’m going to suggest  is to definitely workout on the day (that is one of my #1 rules for myself, just incase I end up going overboard which is highly likely with me). It doesn’t have to be long. If you can make it to the gym that’s fab, however a quick 12 minute home workout will be just as good.

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This way you can burn off some extra calories to make way for more later in the day. If you have a few too many drinks ( We’ve all been there), and you’re hungover the next day and don’t move too much off the sofa, at least you will have worked out the day before.

Secondly, make sure you pack your meals up with protein. And especially if you’ve worked out, have a good breakfast with a bit of carbs and protein . Have a light lunch with meat, poultry, fish cheese, yoghurts or tofu for a bit of a hit of protein with your meals and fill it with salads and vegetables or soups or stews, whatever you enjoy. Stay away from any processed food that can leave you feeling bloated ( worse feeling ever when you’ve got a snazzy outfit to put on)

With these two tips you should be feeling your best when you walk into the party.

Now the mindfulness doesn’t end there.

Keep an eye on high calorie drinks

A party can be a cocktail of calories which can stop you losing weight.

If you make your way through a 3 course meal and plenty of drinks that’s a lot of calories you’ll be taking in. Enjoy your food, but stop once you’ve had enough – leave some room for your dress and your dancing 😉

When it comes to drinking alcohol, it’s not just the empty calories you’re going to be consuming, but it’s the munchies effect that goes with it. There’s nothing better than curry & chips with naan bread, or a pizza when you’ve been drinking (oops), it’s hard to resist at this point because drunk you always thinks “it’s gonna be okaaaaaaaay”

And after all that, the hangover gets you the next day and the only way to get through the day may be a never ending fix of carbs. A crisp sandwich and bottle of diet coke has been one of my favorites in the past!

So this is where you need to be mindful with your alcohol. It’s not just the actual drinks, it’s everything that comes with it. When you’re out drink plenty of water between drinks and be sensible with the amount that you drink as much as possible.

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Go for low calorie drinks. Gin and tonics or vodka and soda’s are much better instead of wine, very calorific cocktails,( which can be up to 500 calories. Especially those yummy, creamy ones).

These tips may give you a light bulb moment, but if everything completely fails, you’ve just got to nail the next day.

Get lots of water down you to piracy towards trying to keep up. have as much as you can.

There are plenty of things you can do when it comes to your parties and celebrating that do come up.

The main thing aside of all this is to  make sure you enjoy them without guilt. Life is about the good times and having fab memories. Don’t spoil them with guilt from enjoying too much.

Don’t Turn One Night Into A Whole Month

Nothing comes easily and we’ve all got to  work and put effort into our weight loss and fitness goals. A healthy lifestyle has lots of holidays and parties in. Enjoy them, feel great at them and make sure you get straight back on to your healthy habits straight after. Don’t turn one night or weekend into a month!

Tara Hammett