How to Prevent Tiredness From Undoing Your Best Weight Loss Efforts - Tara Hammett

How to Prevent Tiredness From Undoing Your Best Weight Loss Efforts

How to prevent tiredness from undoing your best weight loss efforts

You know those days when you’re so tired, all you can think about is getting your next fix of coffee, or if there are anymore of those chocolate chip cookies left to give you a boost, feeling like a zombie living in a constant haze. Yeah, me too! However, it can all be easily be prevented by following a few simple steps which will make you feeling fresh and fabulous throughout the day.

How to Survive Those Sleepy Days and Not Damage Your Weight Loss Goals

I’ve often been asked what’s the best supplement for more energy. The best answer will always be a 7-9 hour dose of sleep taken consistently.

‘Ha – well done Tara…… will the magical unicorns carry me up to bed too? I’ve got a job, kids, chores and a social life mind!’

I know! That may sound like something from a fairy-tale for many. I know what it’s like to go to bed later than planned, wake up numerous times in the night, and waking up earlier than expected. There are many reasons why we may not be getting enough sleep. Whether it’s children, stress with work, or an overactive mind (and bladder). Following my tips will be essential for when you struggle get those vital hours of shut-eye.

There are many times that sleep can be improved just by making it a priority. Instead of binge watching Netflix, scrolling on social media, or watching endless videos on YouTube – sleep should always come first. This is even more important if your wanting to lose weight.

Lack Of Sleep Slows Everything Down

When we lack sleep, our weight loss and motivation is hugely effected.

This boils down to two important hormones.

  • Ghrelin – which signals hungrier
  • Leptin – which signals fullness

When you don’t get enough sleep, the body makes more Ghrelin and less Leptin. This is a disaster for your appetite and cravings as you feel hungrier. When you want to focus on eating better to burn fat, your lack of sleep leaves you feeling not only tired and unmotivated, but your hunger cravings will increase. Quality sleep allows you to eat less, exercise better, and increase motivation throughout the day.

My Tops Tips for Surviving a Super Sleepy Day Without Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

1. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated will be so important and if you feel like you want a cuppa – opt for a herbal tea instead. I prefer to opt for ice cold drinks to help keep me feeling more invigorated.

2. Eat plenty of protein

This helps to keep you feel fuller so can ward off those munchies. Having whey protein in your porridge, I have a protein bar for a snack, some fish with your lunch and some chicken or turkey with your dinner will help (alongside those filling vegetables).

3. If you can nap, have a 20-30 min nap

Try getting it into your day as this can give you that boost you need to see you through the afternoon. If you’ve got little ones, get your head down when they do (the washing and hovering can wait!). And if you can’t nap………

4. Walk

Keep your circulation going and keep your brain alert. When you’re tired your body will naturally want to move less so rather than giving half an effort in a workout or avoiding any movement altogether, stick to walking which will be much more manageable. You can get this into a lunch break at work, get outside in the afternoon or if you can drag yourself to the gym, walk on the treadmill.

5. Portion control meals

 Increased appetite can make it harder to avoid cravings and eat more food. So even if you avoid treats you can still overeat at your meals. One way of eating a generous meal whilst keeping calories low and not having to count any (this may send you to sleep), pile your plate up with vegetables and keep your carbohydrates lower.

6. Switch Off Early

To help you switch off better, everything else needs to do the same. Your TV, Your phone and your tablet. If devices are in your bedroom, put them away as they can not only keep you stimulated but prevent you from drifting off. Catch up on some missed hours sleep and wake up feeling more energised, less sluggish and more in control the next day. Even though you may want to relax on the sofa watching TV. This can be the trigger for getting the treats out (wine/gin/chocolate/crisps) and stealing sleep time. So, just make your way to bed, snuggle up and enjoy what you’ve thought about all day. SLEEP! Plus, if you’ve got little ones that wake you up during the night, at least if you go to bed early you’ll have got some extra sleep in before they give you your 2am wake up call.

7. Write down your worries

 As Charlotte Bronte said: “A ruffled mind is a restless pillow.” You may be able to go to sleep but your thoughts and worries wake you up during the night. Writing down your problems on a little notepad can help you offload until the morning when you can come up with a solution (or get the solution before you fall asleep)

So you can see how important sleep is for weight loss and energy in more ways than you may have realised. Whatever your circumstances, look at your habits. Consider making sleep a priority and look forward to feeling happier, healthier, and seeing the weight go down.

  • April 3, 2019