Can you eat carbs and lose weight? - Tara Hammett

Can you eat carbs and lose weight?

So here’s a question you may relate to:

“I’m looking for some advice.

I have in the past lost weight and put it back on.

I do like my food, especially rice, pasta etc.

I struggle to keep these carb levels low.

How do I keep eating rice & pasta and still keep the weight off?”

Firstly, carbs are not to be feared.

We need them for energy

You get fibre from them

You get vitamins and minerals from them

They can boost your mood

They are yummy (Sweet potato..MMmmmm)

The problem is with many the quantity people eat and 

the type.

You’ve got your healthy versions:

Sweet & normal potato




Fruits & vegetables

Then your processed refined ones


White bread


Junk (crisps, cakes, chocolate, crackers etc)

And that’s where the problem lies….the junk and the amount.

If you want to enjoy your carbs, have them.

But instead of the whole pack of uncle bens express rice,

have a few spoonfuls or no more than half (which is actually a portion).

Instead of a mountain of pasta with your bolognese,

swap it for a vegetable based one like the 

courgette or butternut squash spaghetti.

Instead of a Jacket potato as big as the size of your plate, have a 

smaller one the size of your fist and top it with protein

Instead of having it at every meal have it at one.

After your workout is a great time for replenishing energy, so

have your carbs then like a bowl of porridge or a banana with a shake & nuts for on the go.

Many fine having it at dinner

helps them sleep better and stops them looking for something sweet after, so try lower carb meals in 

the day and enjoy them at night.

Again remember, you get some carbs from vegetables too and you can

add them to any meal to really give you the nutrition you need rather

than eating beige food with little nutritional benefit, in comparison.

You have to listen to your body and what suits you.

And on the grand scheme of things, 

for many it’s not the bit of rice here and a

slice of bread there.

….It’s the bingeing on goodies, take-aways,

buffets, alcohol, 3 course meals, chocolate & sweets that people cave to on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

I’ve been posting many of my meals recently,

all from the detox week.

All of mine have had carbs in as right now

I’m focusing on healthy eating again and keeping my energy up.

I’ve had oats for breakfast

Rice Cakes with my lunch & snacks

Potato with my dinner and for the moment I’m 

keeping it that way.

I’m already feeling so much better from the cleaner eating after only a few days and

I’m going to be doing it with the 21 day programme team which starts on Monday too.

Plus I’ll be adding some new things into my days including

chocolate, dairy and red meat.

You can join in with me and the 21 day programme here:


In addition to learning EXACTLY what you can eat, 

including pasta, rice & bread, I show you how to tone your body up 

and burn fat during your session and for the rest of the day.

The workouts are only 12 minutes and (as I’m experiencing right now),

We’re very very busy and time is of the essence.

So you can find 12 mins to tone up

(I’m actually doing less at the mo – tell you about that tomorrow)

Get motivated like I am and join in 

Get Fit & Fab 

Tara xx

P.S I know many can’t believe I’m on the wagon already,

but theres a very good reason for it and why I chose to do the 30 day butt challenge too.

Tell you about that tomoz

21 Day Programme Entry Link


Tara Hammett