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Bingo Wings Workout for Women

I regularly get lots of questions and answering them for everyone really helps to inspire so many.

In my Life Transformer plan we do a goal setting form every Sunday, I personally take the time to read them all, then talk with the girls about them in our weekly live meeting.

There were so many fab questions, and I’ll share the answers with you over the weeks. However, today I’m answering Emma’s question.

“How do I tone up my bingo wings?”

Here is a short video I made for you.

The Bingo Wings Workout Video

But it does come with some rules.

How To Get Toned Arms and Full Body

If you want toned arms that you’re confident to show off when you’re wearing a short sleeved or strappy top / dress you must

  1. Do these exercises regularly and consistently.
  2. Work your whole body and feel confident about your legs & stomach too.
  3. Be consistent and eat healthy every day where possible.

Remember that just watching this video will not get you results you want. Only doing these exercises once will not get you results. Be committed and consistent. Every few days at least.

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If you’re feeling a bit self conscious about your arms, it’s highly likely you’re feeling generally self conscious and wanting to feel happier and healthier. This means a whole lifestyle approach to change.

Doing one thing at a time can help you slowly create good habits and drop bad ones.

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Tara Hammett