My Bikini Body Breakfast - Tara Hammett

My Bikini Body Breakfast

This is what I had this morning.
It’s from the detox programme and I’m so focussed right now.
No share bags of crisps and chocolate with my man. We’ve got this weeks meal plan on the fridge, we’re prepped, I’m organised and I’m going to keep repeating my mantra:
“What do I want more??? The goodies or the body”
I know the answer everytime I face an obstacle.
So what about you?
If you’re interested in me sharing my whole week of food this week, let me know.
Over the next 7 days I want to maintain my weight on the scales
Eat healthier so I have better energy
Stay away from the goodies so I can feel as lean as possible on my holidays….especially my stomach.
I know I’m in a good place in general, but I still have some loose skin & fat around my stomach from my pregnancy bump so I’ll be eating ‘de-bloating’ foods until holidays.
When was the last time you faced actual facts and took your weight, took your inches, tried on the tighter clothes you own and made a real effort to change?
I’m here to motivate you to take steps this week, so email me any questions you have and I’ll be here in your inbox each day on my mission to get you as motivated as I am right now.
Have an awesome Monday!
Tara xxx
  • September 18, 2017