The BEST thing to do in the morning - Tara Hammett

The BEST thing to do in the morning

What did you do first thing this morning?
I was up, camera on and did my 12 min HIIT Live on Facebook.
I recorded it and here it is for you.
It makes such a difference to your day when you get up and move.
I’ve done so much already ( currently 09:17 am as I send this email.
Slowcooker is going with a Chilli Chicken Comfort meal for dinner tonight.
Everyones had breakfast
The washing is on
The dishes are all sorted
I’ve got a plan for the rest of the day and I’m feeling so motivated to do it all.
In my pursuit of motivating you every day – a bit like and advent calendar…..
Here is your Monday kick up the butt.
Done my workout?? Let me know.
Anything you need help with? Email me……Lets do this.
This workout is only 12 mins long (kills the time excuse)
You just need some weights (anything you’ve got at home)
It works the whole body and is PROVEN to be the best type of workout to help you with your body mission
Get it done!
See ya tomorrow
Tara xxx
  • December 4, 2017