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Beat The Emotional Eating Battle

Just WOW!!

Check out what Angela said about her success in the 6 week plan:

"My loss was 10.5lbs and 20 inches...including 4 from my waist and 4 off my mum tum!

My biggest gain was battling emotional eating.

I learnt how to enjoy food rather than be controlled by guilt.
If I wanted a treat I was able to have it without feeling like I'd ruined my new lifestyle.

I also realised that I needed the support of the group.
It's a beautiful group of ladies building each other up to enable one another to reach our own goals.

You never feel lonely, there's always help and we have a damn good laugh too.
We all have our journey but we're enjoying together.
I really did find it enjoyable not a chore"

This after photo is so gorgeous and shows not only Angelas brilliant transformation
(A lot sexier that the elf outfit - lol) but her confidence.

Angela is a busy working Mum with 3 gorgeous children and as she said has battled emotional eating for so long. Getting to grips with this has been a breakthrough in helping her lose 10.5lbs in 6 weeks and an INCREDIBLE 20 inches!!!!

This support of this plan is exactly why so many women have fantastic success.

Everyone has struggled with food relationships in the past.

Felt out of control with their eating.
Did well but then caved to an uncontrollable binge.
Felt guilty when they've had any little treats - then felt like a complete failure

This is not what lifestyle change is about.

If you want to lose weight and KEEP IT've got to enjoy it and if that means having a bit of what you fancy from time to time, so be it. Then you get straight back onto it instead of turning it into a 3/7/10 day rollercoaster feeling out of control.

Do something that you can sustain, that has variety and that you enjoy.

This way you're more likely to stick to it, rather than being on a diet.


Last night I saw someone post on Facebook...

" are carrots a speed food?"

^^^ Here comes an obsession with 'speed food choices'

This type of way of looking at food just makes thing complicated.

You restrict certain foods
Stick to the same food which you'll soon become bored of
You'll get stressed over a certain vegetable helping you lose weight faster or not.

The simple answer to this questions is......IT'S A CARROT!

Keep it simple.....should you be eating carrots or cake??

Now I totally understand people joining in with diets and buying into the latest celebrity endorsed product, but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We need to eat for the rest of our lives so lets just enjoy what we eat,
spend less time exercising - yet still get toned,
and get SUPPORTED.

One thing so many people lack is motivation, even the motivation to start in the first place,
so use this now as your prompt to get started doing something that really works for REAL WOMEN.

As you'll notice from the photos I'm sharing.

None of these ladies are half naked with their abs out.

Yes - it's amazing to see, but how realistic and motivating is that.

These women are real women just wanting to feel happier and healthier and enjoy their lifestyles more.

As you've seen this week:

Alyson lost 17.5lbs
Emma lost a stone and two dress sizes
Angela lost 10.5lbs and 20 inches

..and they are continuing with the support of all the other girls who are also achieving fantastic results.

So realistically.....what would you love to achieve in 6 weeks?
Can you imagine yourself being like Angela and the girls?

You CAN achieve it.

You just have to join in and get started

^^ Click here to join in and get excited for what we'll be doing this weekend.....and the next 6 weeks

  • January 4, 2018