Argue with reality or go to bed? - Tara Hammett

Argue with reality or go to bed?


After the day I had yesterday I was in bed by 7:30pm...we all were.

On Tuesday someone (we know who it is) drove into Richards car in a car park and drove off...naughty!

Main thing is everyone is fine, nobody was in the car

But this had a big effect on my day yesterday.

My plans went out the window when I had to train my client,
rush to do work drop offs,
nursery drop offs,

get back to more clients,
sort the exchange of cars for the courtesy car,
do the nursery pick up and the work pick up

I was so so tired after all the rushing around trying to cram everything in and it was playing on my mind that I hadn't done many things that I wanted to do that day.

Once the Tesco food shop was dropped off (I would massively recommend online food shopping to save you time and make sure you have plenty of good food around), I fed Danny and gave myself two choices:

a) Put Danny to bed and go into the office for a few hours to catch up but give half a job, feel stressed and argue with reality


b) Go to bed at the same time, catch up with the girls in my support groups, have some chats and get some sleep in so I can feel fresher and ready to take on today

I chose b and I'm so happy.

When we get tired and stressed this can lead to so many bad habits.

  • Losing patience with those around us and being unreasonable
  • Turning to the wine to ease the stress
  • Eating whatever is easy to grab and scoff because you feel sorry for yourself

All things that don't really make us feel better.

It may help us whilst we put the blame on others and have a big rant about how life isn't fair,
but in the long term none of these actions contribute to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

There are may times I can feel like arguing with reality and feeling like a misery guts
(I was on the verge of this on holiday when the weather was cold and cloudy - lol)
but when something is out of our control like the weather or someone damaging the car and driving off, we can always control how we respond to it.

Dealing with something calm and by putting things into perspective will save a whole load of negative emotions and bad habits.

  • Have you recently had a stressful day, difficult situation or something didn't quite go as planned?
  • How did you respond - in control and the best you can?
  • or did you grab the chocolate, crisps, wine or gin before you flew into a rage and said/did something you may regret (but then regretted the over eating/drinking?)

This is something that can easily be done with a bit of practice.

The next time you get a situation, take a moment and think to yourself.
Do you want to feel negative, upset, angry with the world ( and then yourself after you've caved to the food again?) or be calm, put things into perspective, keep clarity and maybe send yourself to be have a nice snuggle, a good sleep and feel recharged ready to take on the next day!

Bring on a productive day!!

P.S Tonight in the Inner Circle I'll be Live at 7:30pm answering all your questions and chatting 1-1. Don't miss out xxx

  • June 14, 2018