Are you sweet or savoury? - Tara Hammett

Are you sweet or savoury?

17169256d2a94960b63fb429736bea0eRight now I can’t decide.
I was sat on the bench in the gym,
right after a nice little leg toning, butt lifting
workout with the weights and I
Having a little think about what to have or breakfast.
So Once I press send on this I’m going straight home
to make my brekkie
(I’ll show you a piccy once I’ve made it on
my Facebook)
I’m either going omelette or
protein pancake with berries.
What would you choose?
Sweet or savoury?
Also….have tried my wrapstar or
pancake recipes yet?
These pancakes are incredible for helping
you be FULL, burn FAT and feel like you’re
not even trying to be healthier and lose weight.
Right……..lets hope i don’t make both!

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S all the recipes in my books will
help you lose weight…not just the pancakes 😉

Tara Hammett