Are you fed up with your results? - Tara Hammett

Are you fed up with your results?

Are you a bit disappointed about how you did
this last week and wish you’d lost more?

I hear this time and time again.

“I’m desperate to lose weight”

“I’m sick of hating myself but still pigging out”

“I know I should do something but it’s so hard”

Sound like you?

There’s a reason you’re on my mailing list
and you’re reading this now….

So whats stopping you?

Are you not feeling inspired at all?

I’d love to know what YOU think YOU need
to get you where you want with your health and happiness.

It’s Saturday as I type this up and it’s a day
that everything goes out the window.

Drink to much,
eat the wrong stuff….
but you do it anyway because it’s the weekend
and thats what you do.

Well let me tell you something……

It is not.

Especially if you want to change.

And if all you can do is read this and move on.

Come up with some excuse, then maybe you just don’t want it enough!


Did you join in with my FREE 12 minute live workout?

Did you try one of my FREE quick and easy recipes I’ve shared this week?


Enough said.

You WILL NOT get the results if you DO NOT do the work.

But you can change that.

Why not do the different thing and start it today instead of waiting until Monday.

Or why not download THESE WORKOUTS and do them ASAP
to get toning fast.

Along with my recipes you could have lost a few pounds
by this time next week……Would 4-5 seem nice right now??

Do it.

and very importantly….

Email me back.

I’d really like to know WHY you are NOT doing anything
even though you want it so much

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Reckon it’s time for a new recipe book?? ūüėČ
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  • June 11, 2016