Amy, without that 2.5 stone she once had - Tara Hammett

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Amy, without that 2.5 stone she once had

I’m off again.
Sharing another
FANTASTIC Life and body
change story.
This is Amy.
Amy joined the last Life TARAnsformer
programme and look at her now.
So for anyone THINKING of doing something
to change….get inspired again by Amy’s message.
After having my baby NOTHING
could hook me for long enough to make change.
I had tried dieting myself,
a bit of herbalife and I lasted a week
before going back to my old ways!
I had gained so much weight during my pregnancy
that 4 months after giving birth I still looked MASSIVE.
NOTHING was shifting
The bloat wasn’t de-bloating.
I was living in my maternity clothes and size 16-18’s!
My confidence was AWFUL
It didn’t help that going to baby groups
I was seeing loads of skinny mums –
most raving that they were back to
pre-pregnancy weight and they were EATING CAKE!
But I thought
THIS CAN’T GO ON any longer
And now I’ve lost 2.5 stone and 24 inches!!
I feel so much better.
I’m back in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes
and all maternity items and the larger sizes have GONE!
I’m feeling happy in what I wear.
Have a better relationship with my husband
and if I want to eat cake now and again then I will.
I’m exercising regularly and feel so much better for it.
It’s been tough with a baby,
but I got up and smashed my goals for the day before it started!
I’ve learnt what to eat,
what NOT to eat and most important
what to eat and when to eat to make the most of
how my body will react to it and get me burning calories all day long.
The group was my rock and
I certainly had my down days and they were always there for me –
support and motivation is key.
Both from the group and Tara.
I’m now feeling amazing!
I’m a good role model for my son,
he can now watch me eat good nutritious meals
and he sees my exercise most days.
Hopefully he will follow in my foot steps
(I was such a fussy child and ate mainly rubbish
and I HATED PE and I certainly don’t want this for him)
If you’re thinking of doing any one of
The TARAnsformer programmes, Do it!
It’s really daunting…
I get it, but it has changed my life.
I see food differently now and
actually eating rubbish really does play havoc with me.
You are what you eat!
I’m a busy mum
Run a business and sometimes
I forget to brush my hair but
eating clean can be so simple and quick and
Tara will show you just how easily it can be done!
If I can do it, anyone can!
I’m so grateful for everything
LIFE TARANSFORMER has done for me.
Tara rocks!!
Although the Life TARAnsformer programme
I did is still officially finished,
I still swear by her exercise workouts and
most of the food decisions I make.
I’m always thinking – ahh what would Tara do/say
When I saw those photos together this
morning I was BLOWN AWAY.
Any – along with the other girls
is incredible.
She’s BUSY
She WORRIED about spending money
on herself
She DOUBTED herself
She had NOTHING to lose and
everything to GAIN.
You DO NOT have to continue living your
life feeling miserable.
WORRYING about what others may think
Feeling SCARED about others judging you.
This week I’ve shared Gemma, Rhian and Amy’s
wonderful stories with you.
They felt vulnerable putting it
out there for you to see.
Of course they did
They HATED the before pics.
Now they feel amazing.
I’m sure you would
give them a MASSIVE high five and
tell them how incredible they are.
Imagine that feeling….
….you could!
^^ your form for life change ^^
Don’t let you or anyone stop
you achieving what you really want.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Started filming for my second DVD yesterday.
More today…….down on the beach. Look out for my LIVE Facebook
videos about it xx
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