A HUGE Thank You....30lbs later ;-) xx - Tara Hammett

A HUGE Thank You….30lbs later ;-) xx


^^ Thats Laura & Dan with me just after

my seminar in January.

That moment changed their lives.

12 weeks on, this

is what Laura emailed me yesterday.

“Hey Tara,

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for everything.

I am so grateful to you for teaching us how to live a healthier,

happier, more confident lifestyle.

You have completely Taransformed me and Dan!

When I set myself the two stone target

I thought I was maybe being too ambitious

but with your and the rest of the LT6 team’s support

I got there ???? and 21.5 inches lost too!

It hasn’t been easy but I did the work,

there have been slip ups and

I think there always will be as real life gets in the way

and there aren’t always clean options

but I think now I have the confidence

to enjoy and not feel too guilty when I indulge too much

and get back to the plan the next day.

People keep saying to me about my new diet but this is a lifestyle!

I know I need to be accountable to myself not to

someone else which I think I will find difficult

so thank you so much for allowing us to be in the

inner circle for the 12 months that means a lot. 

All I need now is to find out about the job and I will have

completely changed my life.

When I think about how I felt before joining up to the LT6

I am a completely different person.

I was unhappy;

hated my body;

not confident;



tired all the time;


And now I am –


much more confident;

much more relaxed

(still have stressful moments but not constantly like before);

feel better about my body/weight; really pleased with myself;

have confidence that I can continue on my journey;

more energy;

fitter and so grateful to you Tara. 

I am so thankful we found you and

want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart ???? .

Looking forward to being able to say thanks to everyone next week.

Love and hugs 

Laura xxx “


Like Laura said, it’s not easy.

But, everything you ever wanted is

outside your comfort zone.

The hard work is worth it.

You have to be prepared to dig in.

to make changes,

when you TAKE ACTION


Next week Laura and the Life TARAnsformer Team

will be joining me and Lou for

a glam photoshoot.

Celebrating their success,

Their new body,

Their new confidence,

Their new lifestyle.

They will also be continuing with their journey and

I’m delighted that I’ll be sharing the journey with them,

In the Inner Circle.

TONIGHT in the Inner Circle,

II’m doing a LIVE webinar.

I will be discussing the BEST

breakfast to SPEED UP fat burning.

I will also be REVEALING the one breakfast SO MANY

think is awesome for health and fat loss YET,

is one of the WORST!

(And you may have had it this week)

The registration link is in the group ready

and you can get access to it if you want to join in HERE


I’ll be answering as many questions as you can all fire at me!!

Throw em at me!!


Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
Ooh…I’ll also be sharing the workout teaser later for the LIVE workout on
Facebook at 7am tomozza…don’t forget to join in xxxx
  • May 4, 2016