A few things I don't care about - Tara Hammett

A few things I don’t care about

Your past.

Today DO NOT be the person you have been in the past.

I don’t really care about your past.

How many things you’ve screwed up on.

How much money you’ve wasted on diet stuff.

How many times you’ve quit

How many times you’ve watched others, wished you were like it and didn’t do anything for yourself.

How many promises you’ve broken about changing.

I care about NOW

What are you doing NOW,


What NEW plan do you have to change

What NEW goal are you going to declare

What NEW actions are you going to take

What NEW vision are you going to COMMIT to?

Like all of us, you’ve messed up. You’ve started a plan and fallen off the wagon, you’ve said you can’t go on the way you are, but you’ve stayed on the same path. We all experience challenges and we ALL have those days where we think we aren’t good enough and we can’t do something.

But we can. You can.

Recommit today.

You can make changes. You’re just being too hard on yourself. Telling yourself you’re a failure. The critic on the INSIDE is a lot more dangerous than the critic on the outside……You ARE enough.

All you’ve got to do is take more risks.

This is the only way to SUCCEED or you’ll learn what to do to succeed.

Today the brand new team in the 21 day programme are going to be recommitting.

Over the past few days they decided they couldn’t settle for where they are, how their body looks, how their fitness is, the pathway their life was going.

They’re committing to goals, they’re following the BEST workouts, the BEST way to eat for weight loss, the BEST support from a team of people who are all the same, who have all had struggles, who have all worked to overcome obstacles, but they are NOT up for settling.

Don’t settle, Settling is quitting.

Never quit…

…you’ll never grow.

So, today.


We all recommit everyday.

Like the quote says that I’ve shared with you today.

BEGIN – drop the same excuses you give every week. (Time, money, routine, don’t know what to do)

WORK – stop wishing you could be like the others. YOU CAN

PERSIST – When things don’t go your way, learn and keep going. Never quit.

We PREP today

We BEGIN tomorrow

We WORK daily

We PERSIST and get the support to get back up and keep going.

Join the team today for only £30

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S that link to begin again….the 21 day programme is ready for you.

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  • August 21, 2016