79lbs and 84.5 inches GONE!! - Tara Hammett

79lbs and 84.5 inches GONE!!

That’s what the girls lost in the 21 day programme.
We had our results day on Monday and the team have done so fab.
Loved the experience,
delighted with the results and
excited for what’s to come.
Here’s what some of the girls said:
“In the last 3 weeks on the 21 day Taransformer I have lost 4 lbs and 10.5 inches ??? happy! I joined the programme because I had put on weight over Christmas and just couldn’t find the motivation I needed. I was getting really depressed. I tried this diet and that diet, but all to no avail, as I just couldn’t stick to them. Then I found Tara’s 21 day programme and I just didn’t look back! It’s a fantastic programme, very easy to follow, just normal healthy eating and 12 mins hiit workout per day! 21 days later I now feel and look great! I highly recommend this programme and Tara and her team are there to support you all the way. Do it now! You really won’t regret it! ??
I’ve lost 12lbs and 11 in . I have done something similar but it wasn’t as good as the 21 DAY I needed to loose a stone because it have been creeping up on me slowly but just didn’t have the will power , the 21 day program give me all I needed to achieve my goals I am so pleased and definitely more focused in what I do and eat . I’m now of to your detox week and then after that the inner circle because of the support you have all given me the confidence to move on THANK YOU ?XX
I’m absolutely beaming. Weighed yesterday for LT11, and I was so upset for putting on 0.1lb when I felt I ate well so thought I’d weigh today as the final day of T21 and I’m now 12.13. Final results 6.7lbs. And inch loss 4.5 inches. Not massive amounts but it’s getting harder for me now, and I know I have to put in extra work to start seeing results but I’m over the moon. It’s been a long struggle to get here. Total loss with Tara and the team 43lbs ?? xx
8lb loss and 8 inches gone. Woopy ?
I’d be feeling kinda woopy too!
If you set yourself a goal, what would you realistically love to lose in 21 days?
Whatever it is that you have found hard with your weight loss mission in the past,
I’ve got covered in the 21 day programme and I’m ready to see what the next team can lose.
If you LOVE eating – theres so much food for you to eat.
If you’re BUSY – I’ve got ays of helping you save time.
If you find it hard to exercise – you only need to find 12 minutes.
If you STRUGGLE o your own ……so many do! Then you’re not alone now, The support group and daily tasks will help keep you on track, motivated and getting the results you want!
^^ CLick here to find out more about the food, the exercise, the support and how YOU can lose up to 12 lbs and 11inches.
Imagine how you’d feel!
Tara xx
P.S Remember that tight black dress I said I really wanted to get back into? I’ll tell you about why I didn’t wear it on my first night out tomorrow.
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  • May 31, 2017