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7 Alternatives to Protein Bars for Weight Loss

7 alternatives to protein bars for weight loss

Protein bars are becoming more and more popular, and with more brands and flavours out there, we’ve got plenty to choose from. However, protein bars aren’t for everyone, not to mention how expensive they can be….

Personally, I love protein bars. They are quick, easy and convenient, and manage to keep me from snacking between meals. A good bar will generally be high in protein and lower in carbs. It will also give you a good dose of fibre in your day and… the best bit for me… they’re covered in chocolate.

Protein Bars Can Make Life so Easy, but Don’t Make This Mistake

Protein bars are super convenient to grab when you’re on the go. You can enjoy them with some fruit and a drink to help keep you going until your next meal. One thing to consider though, is to use protein bars as a snack or as part of a small meal to keep your energy up until your next meal. Don’t think of them as a treat or something you’re ‘allowed to eat’ because it’s high in protein and Tara said they’re great to have as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Protein bars can be high in calories. My usual brand is around 220-250 calories per bar. So, if you just fancy a little sweet treat, I recommend you go for a chocolate bar or portion controlled bag of chocolate. Find something you can get for 90-160 calories (every calorie saving helps if you’re wanting to lose weight).

Not Everyone Loves a Protein Bar

Some don’t like chocolate as much as me, maybe you’re more of a savoury person? Many find they aren’t keen on the after taste. Plus, if you’re keeping a protein bar in your pocket, its likely to melt.

There are so many other options out there!

I’m going to share with you some delicious snack alternatives you can try if you need something that you can grab and take anywhere with you (or you’re just short on time and need something quick). Some are sweet and some are savoury. Fingers crossed you’ll find something in the list that you’ll enjoy.

Protein Bar Alternatives

  1. Fruit (an apple, pear, tangerine, whatever you fancy), handful (about 10-12) of whole almonds / cashew nuts
  2. Chopped Veg such as cucumber, peppers, or carrots & hummus to dip them in(1-2 tablespoons)
  3. Boiled Egg & Rice cakes
  4. Celery sticks with peanut butter (Fill the middle with 1-2 teaspoons of nut butter)
  5. Yogurt with berries & seeds
  6. Sliced meat / Smoked salmon & chopped salad
  7. Mini Babybel with fruit

You could even make your own protein bars. I would recommend homemade chickpea protein bars for a savoury option or Easy Protein Brownies for the ladies with a sweat tooth (like me). There are plenty of recipies on the internet, and most are quick and easy to make.

So there you go. Get creative with your snacks. There are plenty of alternatives you can try for some variety. You don’t have to follow the protein bar trend. Happy Snacking!

  • March 18, 2019