53lbs lighter and NOW...The Next Step. - Tara Hammett

53lbs lighter and NOW…The Next Step.

I’m back after a mini break.
On Mothers Day I was treated to a little break away.
Escaping everything for a few days in a cottage with my boys.
I’ve just totally chilled out in Brecon with lots of quality time with my
family, a log fire, a hot tub and goodies.
We even bought two bottles of wine.
The idea seems nice, but when we’re chilling we just can’t do it. We both took a sip each out
of our glasses of red wine, the rest went down the sink……with the rest of the bottle and we brought a bottle home.
Don’t know about you, but unless I’m on a rare night out, I’m not interested.
But……there would NEVER be any left over chocolate! That is the one thing that would get me everytime.
So, needless to say. Whilst I took some days off from the exercising and healthy eating, It’s back in the game for me. I’ve still got some hard work to do before I can afford to ease off a little so,
with my body goals in mind it’s on to the next part of my body change journey
…..along with some other women on a mission.
I’m still not happy with how I feel & look. Luckily I can fit into most of my clothes, but that’s not enough. I need my confidence and shape back so i HAVE to be consistent.
Just the same as the Life Taransformer 11 girls, including Sarah Waters.
This is why Sarah has decided it’s time to get that boot up the bum for the next 12 weeks with me.
When Sarah first started with me in July, she said:

“Seeing the transformation in others, and hearing that their lives are similar to mine,

so I know it can be done!”

I also asked what she wanted to achieve from the Life Taransformer programme:

“To feel generally happier and fitter, and to lose two stone,

I have more weight to lose but would be happy with two stone to start!”

She didn’t lose 2 stone.

She lost 38lbs and 43 inches.

She SMASHED her target.

Since then she has lost more

Sarah continued with the programme until December 2016

By then she had lost 53lbs and 50 inches!
12 inches had gone off her waist alone!
Now it’s action time for Sarah.
I’m back
The Life Taransformer is back
The Mission is back on.
Sarah has kept her weight off as she’s changed her lifestyle forever, but
she needs that accountability and guidance to boost her motivation and willpower to take her on the step step of her journey and get nearer to her goal.
Last time Sarah wanted to lose 2 stone, I know she will do it again this time.
By July, along with the rest of the team, she will be more confident than ever.
What would you LOVE to feel & look like in July 2017?
What do you think will happen if you keep on doing the same thing?
There’s 6 spaces left in the programme and
we start on Monday.
Apply Now!
  • April 25, 2017