5 Ways TO GET WHAT YOU WANT - Tara Hammett


…and KEEP IT!
All over Facebook we’re seeing the kids are all back to school,
and the parents are back to routine.
Summer holidays are done and for many all the good habits went out the window.
It’s time to get back on track but taking the first step and keeping going may not be so simple.
Here’s some advice I’ve given to many that I’ve been in touch with over the past few days.
#1 Don’t feel guilty
There’s going to be times where, with all the best intentions in the world, something crops up and doesn’t quite go to plan.
If you’ve got a kitchen full of good food, a meal plan set out and all of a sudden cake turns up in work,
you go out for a meal, your day was super busy and you didn’t get your HIIT in…..relax a little.
You’re working towards good habits so you enjoy your life more, not feeling stressed and tense over things that should be quite the opposite.
If you have cake at work, do a little readjustment with your evening meal and make it a bit lighter.
If you go out for food, be mindful of your food choice
If you miss your workout…do it the next day (we don’t need to train every day)
#2 What is your trigger?
Many people prep on a Sunday and get back on it on Monday, but what about that mid week moment EVERY WEEK that starts to spiral to feeling out of control?
Are you so busy on a Thursday that you forget to eat, you get home late and you’re so starving you eat whatever you can grab and because you’ve screwed that day up….you may aswell do the same Friday & the weekend??
Look at your week. Everyone’s is different and there may be one day, time, meeting that get’s you every week.
Change things.
If you can’t train in the morning one day have a planned day off or try the evening
If you’re so busy to miss meals and grab things that aren’t ‘the best’, make some time the day before to prep stuff…or can you ask someone to get something for you.
#3 Do one thing at a time
Overwhelm can make you think there’s so much to do that you do nothing.
You’ve got to drink more water
You’ve got to eat healthier
You’ve got to exercise more
You’ve got to get to bed earlier
You’ve got to get up earlier
You’ve got to start mindset reading
You’ve got to do all this on top of everything else you’re busy with.
Focus on one thing at a time.
If you’re drinking too much coffee focus on drinking less and swapping for more water or herbal teas for a week.
If you’re not doing any exercise try to get 1 session in this next week.
If you don’t know where to start with healthy eating, just try working on breakfast for a week or two.
Slowly you can build a lot of little steps into a lifestyle change.
#4 Remember all the other things you have achieved
All too often emphasis is put on the scales, completely forgetting the inches lost, the skirt that now fits,
The compliments, the extra energy, feeling stronger, feeling happier and less stressed around the family.
All these things are far more important than just the scales.
They’re a good tool…..but not the be all.
Notice how this comes up EVERYTIME
Time after time I see girls do so fab during my programmes.
They’re motivated,
they’re enjoying
they’re losing pounds/inches/dress sizes
they feel in control and they’re loving the support, encouragement and enthusiasm of the group.
….once that’s gone, slowly but surely the motivation seems to go too.
It’s easy to give up on yourself when you try things alone.
You start to believe your negative self-talk then wonder how you’ll ever get what you want.
Always…get support.
Speak with someone
Email me back
Get a Trainer
A Workout partner
Get a work colleague to join you on your healthy mission
Take the first step to ask for help.
It doesn’t mean you’re weak or a failure by asking for help.
It means you’re human
the same as everyone and there’s always someone out there to help you do it.
Whether you focus on one or all five of my tips (or none if you’re not ready – which is also fine)
I hope they help.
Until next time

Tara xxxx

  • September 7, 2017