3 more sleeps then BOOOOMMMM - Tara Hammett

3 more sleeps then BOOOOMMMM

Arrrgghhhhh – lost an hour!

UK time has changed and we’ve gone forward an
hour so it feel nice that I’ve had a little lie in,
I hope you have too.

Again, I’ll remind you that
sleep is in my
TOP 5 things to nail if
you want your hormones to
work for you and turn yourself

NOW….you keep on asking
and I keep on teasing and there’s more of you
against me so I’m gonna cave

(I wanted to anyway)

1) Many have been asking
‘How much is the Inner Circle?’

Well…….To start
ONLY £27 per month!!

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INCREDIBLE VALUE as I’ll be sharing
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And when you join me at £27, I GUARANTEE that you
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2) When can I join?

Wednesday….and boy have I got a bumper month for you.

3) What’s included?

Workouts (To get you TONED Uber fast)

Recipes (Loads in the first BUMPER MONTH So you’ll have LOADS of choice)

Lifestyle Tips (You can copy my rituals and feel AMAZE daily)

Weekly Q&A – You can ask me anything you like

My Podcast – So you NEVER miss a show

Webinars (Monthly topics to mop up any confusion about anything)

So…You’ve got 3 sleeps and
KAPOW inner circle timey wimey!!

Right – I’ve got a workout to do,
wardrobe to detox,
(Oooh if you need a detox after the weekends antics
Click here for my detox book and
get eliminating and spying up your weight loss here


And some ESSENTIAL Family time

Super chilled out Sunday session for me
as next week is gonna be busy and you’ll also know
that STRESS is in my top 5 too…so I”m looking after
that today too!
Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Got more questions about the Inner Circle?? Send them to me….
I can get them all answered for you before Wednesday. xx

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