21lbs loss for £21! - Tara Hammett

21lbs loss for £21!

Check out Claire!
I’m LOVING her Transformation.
She joined the Life Taransformer plan as she needed to change.
Here’s what Claire said when we first caught up at the beginning of the plan:
“I want to be fit and healthy and set a good example to my children.
Over the years I have tried fad diets where I’m either starving myself or using meal replacements then I end up craving proper food.
I’m struggling with getting in and out the car, my clothes don’t fit, I look a mess all the time and don’t feel attractive.
My work is extremely stressful and I comfort eat. I’ve got an incredibly stressful few weeks ahead and don’t want to eat through it”
So we set a target…..2 lbs a week over the 12 weeks and she is now 21LBS LIGHTER!
Not only that, she has thrown so many old clothes out which are too big and she’s NEVER fitting into them again.
She feels amazing and proud and as you can see from the photos – she looks AMAZING!.
Gorgeous, Happy, Slimmer, Healthier!
We’ve still got a few weeks to go and what I’m TOTALLY loving is Claire’s target board – check it out below.
She’s filled 21 holes with a £1 coin…..she WILL fill that up completely!
I know Claire represents so many women out there.
successful Women that put others first, and put themselves on the bottom of the pile.
But she’s changed all that, she took control, got out of the rut she was in and is now so happy that 12 weeks ago she clicked on the application form for the plan, got on the phone with me and made the decision to join the team.
Are you ready to take that step and make the decision to change your health and happiness?
All you need to do is CLICK HERE
Just read through the questions on the application form and ask yourself if you’re ready to face facts and put your honest answers in there.
If you feel you’re not ready – you’re right. (but why not? still believing your excuses?)
The girls on the plan couldn’t risk carrying on the way they were. Making themselves even more depressed and miserable.
What would you love to achieve by October?
This is an opportunity for you to spend 12 weeks working on YOU.
You deserve that, and I would love to help.
Apply today and lets chat.
Nothing to be nervous or scared about.
It’s exciting.
Once you get started doing what you want to do, there’ll be nothing to be scared about as you’ll already be doing it!
Here’s the application again Application Form
Tara xx
P.S if you applied yesterday – look out foe a text from me later this morning.
I need to squeeze my workout in now before my next client

  • July 18, 2018