21 Day Programme Freebie - Tara Hammett

21 Day Programme Freebie



So you’re still looking to change.

Still trying to exercise regularly
Still trying to eat healthy
Still trying to spend time with loved ones
Still trying to like yourself more.

But what is getting in your way?


What you need to do is focus on your GOAL and why you even want it.

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Is it because you want to feel a bit more confident?
A role model for your family?
So you don’t feel guilty when you don’t play with your kids?
To look in the mirror and not cringe?
To be proud that you set a target and you achieved it?

Whatever it is…never lose sight of your goal.

When you get those moments and you can’t be bothered to do even 12mins HIIT
Eat things you know won’t help you
Avoid doing things with your family

Remind yourself of the reasons you want to change and why it’s so important to you.
Make a commitment to
achieve it and get a plan.

It won’t be always easy, but it will be worth it and you’ll be more successful with

The girls in the current Life Taransformer programmes are achieving things they’ve never done before.

– Physical challenges that make them feel proud
– Weight losses they’ve never experienced
– Even simple things like….going through a few evenings without caving to chocolate.

They set realistic targets
Got support
Took action.


Think about the amount of emails you’ve opened from me.

Some may have inspired you,
Some may have given you information you didn’t know

But what good is it if you don’t do anything with it?

Maybe you have done one or two things – but you haven’t done it consistently.

I’m giving you a chance to join me right through to the end of the year to
change your body and lifestyle before Christmas.

The Life Taransformer Programme is normally 12 weeks, but I’m
going to be doing a final one of the year before I take time off to be with Baby Deaks in the New Year.

I’ve got 4 places remaining


for those that move fast and join me and the girls NOW you’ll
get the 21 day programme absolutely FREE

Want to apply?


Don’t stay the same
Tara xxx
P.S If you think 9 weeks with me is too much
(which it isn’t BTW…It’ll be fab!)
You can join the 21 day programme at the reduced price
Don’t miss it xxxx

Tara Hammett