15lbs down and even sexier in her dress - Tara Hammett

15lbs down and even sexier in her dress


Wowzers for Gemma!

Look how difference she looks in her dress.

Gemma joined my Life Taransformer programme in February.

After losing weight a few years ago, driven my her exciting wedding,
slowly the weight crept back on.

As the weeks were going by, the pounds were creeping up and slowly bad habits were becoming daily habits.

To much Prosecco
Wrong choices when eating out
Grabbing convenience foods when out of routine looking after her beautiful little girl
All those usual, content, happily married things easily done.

Then in February an opportunity came her way

Gemma had two choices:

Hope and Wish she was back to the weight she was when she got married
Apply for the Life Taransformer and accept that only SHE is responsible for her actions and if she wants it, only she can step up and get it.

No more excuses,
It was time to do what she knew she had to do.

If Gemma had not done anything in February, she wouldn't be feeling as happy and proud as she is right now.

How did she do it?

Regular workouts which are only 12 minutes long
Eating food she LOVES (the lunchtime wrapstars are her fave)
Daily accountability
Asking lots of questions.

That's what I am there for in the plan.

Each week we have an online meeting and chat about anything we need.

From asking all the questions, she know what to do now and is finding it so much easier.

Over the last 12 weeks me and the girls have loved our weekly meetings, loved seeing how we're changing and improving and also sharing the journey with some lovely new friends.

It makes the job so much easier when you see that others as doing the same too.

So now for you

Are you going to grab an opportunity to change and be like Gemma (if so, apply here now)


Are you going to read this email, hope & wish then read another email in 12 weeks time about one of the girls in the next programme?
(Could be Susie, Michelle, Emma, Victoria or Sarah???)

If you're wondering if you're ready for it....chances are you may not be right now. That's fine

But if you feel like you cant go down the same path any longer risking staying the same or worse...putting more on and being more unhappy then take action now.

On 30th July when the programme comes to an end I guarantee you'll be feeling proud and glad that you did it
(or your money back!!)

P.S today I'm recording my next podcast show and We'll be interviewing a fabulous guest - Sarah.

Don't miss her story and how she turned her life around after fighting a life threatening illness, lost her brother, cares for her Mum and was dreading the prospect of returning to work.

  • May 3, 2018