#1 thing Dan did to lose 1 stone - Tara Hammett

#1 thing Dan did to lose 1 stone

I’ll tell you what he did NOT do.
He didn’t do HOURS of boring exercise.
He didn’t CRASH DIET and starve himself.
He didn’t do it on his own and keep it SECRET from anyone
He didn’t STRESS OUT about if he was doing the right thing or not.
He did what many people have NOT done
Joined my Life TARAnsformer program
with his lovely Wife Laura.
(Here I go again, bragging about these superhero’s)
In 4 weeks he has changed his life.
On 27th Jan I asked over 100 people
who were stood in front of me to put their hands up
if they REALLY wanted to lose weight.
approx 95% of the room put their hands up
But Dan was different.
Dan ACTUALLY meant it and did something about it.
The #1 thing he did…INVEST IN HIMSELF
(Like the majority did NOT do)
So…fast forward 4 weeks and he has done
EXACTLY what he wanted to do…and he’s going to keep on going.
So WHAT has he done.
Each day he’s moved a little bit more,
strengthened his muscles and BOOSTED his metabolism.
Each day he’s eaten MORE food and burned more fat.
Each day he’s enjoyed his life more as he’s felt more
confident, happier and had many compliments.
Dan & Laura went away and ate the biggest pasty I’ve ever seen.
I asked them to send us photos of it too…they looked amazing!
Pasties CAN be part of the plan – proper ones from
Cornwall too!
Not a special recipe.
It all started with a KICKSTART
7 days in my detox programme
(This is one of the parts of the Life TARAnsformer programme)
^^ you can join in here ^^
The detox week is a bit like
LEVEL 1 of becoming a TARAnsformer,
of transforming yourself.
That easy stepping stone.
Then you move up a few levels depending on
how awesome you want to be.
(Like Chelly & Charley who have lost 50lbs between them)
How do yo think YOU would feel in 4 week time
if you lose a stone??
Start with the basics and become a Level 1
(Or if you’ve done it before, loved it and
want another kick up the butt, do it again)
The group opens tomorrow and we’ll
be getting our shopping list sorted over the weekend.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S This is just 7 days to find time, de-stress and love your life.
Invest in yourself

Tara Hammett