#1 Reason you're FAILING - Tara Hammett

#1 Reason you’re FAILING

It’s this simple
You’re not doing what you think / say you will do.
After my gym session Monday morning I did a quick
motivation talk on my Instagram.
Talking about how I felt before I got up to go to the gym – TIRED
About how I felt now I’d done it – PLEASED WITH MYSELF
and how to get going yourself.
Then I got a little message from Maria saying she needed some motivation
It was on its way, Maria didn’t realise this but those few minutes she spent
sending me the message were the beginning of getting motivated.
After telling her to make the first step, she messaged back to say she did it.
“First step made…you inspired me. I did 30 min HIIT, better than nothing lol”
OF course it is!
Something is ALWAYS better than nothing.
All you have to do is make the decision to do it.
So I thought – lets keep this motivation up.
I messaged her again yesterday morning.
She’d just done a night shift and was feeling a bit tired, but the message worked.
” Well I really didn’t want to do anything but I ‘Just got it done!’ I do feel better for it now, thanks for the motivational text’
My message worked for Maria.
It’s awesome what a little message of support and ‘you can do it’ does.
Think you could benefit from a little motivational text?
A little supportive message?
Some encouragement every day?
I know you could benefit from a helping hand, we all could from time to time.
If you want success, to achieve your goals DO SOMETHING
Learn how to eat better
Learn how to exercise less but burn fat
Learn that it’s hard when you continue to try and do it on your own.
There are so many ways you can find the motivation to do something and
make progress on your weight loss mission but
one way NOT to do it is to read this message and ponder about doing something.
Lack of action is one way NOT to lose weight
Lack of action is the #1 reason you’re failing on your mission
Maybe your answer is here.
Your time could be now to make that start and be on a roll.
Detox week is back again.
We’re opening this weekend.
Now is the time to secure your spot and get that motivation.
So let’s make a goal now.
The weekend we’ll get ready (nice food shop for all the lovely meals to eat)
We’ll get excited and ready to officially start on Monday 29th May.
The programme will finish on Monday 5th of June
^^ Join in by clicking the link here.
Question time:
How much weight would you realistically like to lose by Monday 5th June?
Message me and let me know.
Maybe you’ll be motivated like Maria when I reply, and you could lose those pounds and inches you just thought about.
I’m here to motivate you!
Tara xxx
P.S One of the girls in the Life Taransformer stayed at a hotel recently and
drunk & ate the whole time there. I’m going to tell you what happened to her weight loss mission xx
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  • May 24, 2017