Should You Cut Out Bread From Your Diet? - Tara Hammett

Should You Cut Out Bread From Your Diet?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “should you cut out bread from your diet”.

Many people love bread, yet worry about giving it up to lose weight. The truth is though that bread is not what has made people overweight. Eating and drinking too much is the real reason, so we don’t need to demonize bread.

It’s true that some people will have a negative experience when they eat bread and if you’re one of them maybe it is a good idea to find alternatives. However, if you enjoy it and feel good after eating it, rest assured it will be fine to enjoy occasionally and still lose weight.

‘But when I cut out bread, I lose weight!’
That sentence is probably true and it will be for a number of reasons.

First, you’re probably going through a spell of being mindful of your choices so whilst you’re cutting out bread, you’re probably practicing other good habits like eating more vegetables, exercising or moving more. So your habits are helping.

Secondly, you’ll be eating less calories eat day so naturally you’re going to lose weight.Then after a few weeks, when you’ve completely restricted yourself and miss having bread, you go back to old habits. The next thing you know you stop being more conscious of what you’re eating and a few pounds creep on.

Weight loss with bread can be easy
Healthy weight loss means learning healthy habits and having a balance with everything you do.

There’s no need to feel guilty about having scrambled eggs on toast. This can be very filling, will be high in protein and give you plenty of energy to keep going until lunch.

When you’re out and about and the only place to grab food is a convenient take out, a chicken or prawn sandwich will be fine. It may only be about 350 calories.

The Bigger Weight Loss Picture
In this case you should look at the bigger picture. What are you eating on the whole?

Could you be making better, more nutritional choices?

Better Choices
If you’re eating toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and adding some bread & butter to your Dinner. I would recommend you change your habits and look at getting more variety with your meals.

A healthy way to eat is balanced with plenty of protein, veggies, fruit, carbs. However a little bread from time to time will be OK. Simply choose the best quality you can and enjoy.

  • April 13, 2018