Lorna’s 3 Stone Weight Loss Success - Tara Hammett

Lorna’s 3 Stone Weight Loss Success

Lorna is a Busy Mum who works full time and has two sons.  

At the beginning of the year Lorna wanted to feel fitter & more confident for her forthcoming 50th Birthday. Lorna had done lots of yo-yo dieting over the years.

In early 2018 Lorna lost weight for her wedding but by Christmas last year she put all the weight back on....and more.

Lorna was feeling uncomfortable, self conscious, frustrated and disappointed with herself.

Lorna's big birthday was on it's way and she wanted to change. She didn't want to simply diet and obsess over the scales. She wanted to change her life.

Lorna got in touch with me, we arranged to chat and even though Lorna was feeling quite skeptical about what she could achieve, based on her previous experiences and ability to 'stick to something', Lorna quickly learned that through the Life Transformer Coaching anything was possible.

Over time Lorna progressed, took part in the coaching sessions, got the support from the girls in the programme and the results came. 

"The whole Life Transformer Programme has been completely life changing. I'm almost 3 stone lighter. That's a small part to be honest. More than anything I'm stronger, fitter, healthier and posses the knowledge to be able to continue without ever giving up.
I still drink wine, I still eat chocolate and I'm feeling fantastic compared to how I was before"

Lorna firmly believes that she has changed her life forever and will never go back to how she was feeling before.

Tara Hammett