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Reduce Your Stress Levels With a Digital Detox
I’m off for a well deserved break and having a digital detox at the same time to help me reduce[...]
Diet drinks – can you drink them?
Hiya!Listened to this weeks podcast yet?If's the link week we're talking about: Weight loss slowing down and how[...]
Are you ok?
Hey,Did you know it's World Mental Health Day?I know today a lot of people may be more mindful about mental[...]
Weight Loss Recipe and 1lb Loss a Week Challenge
It's October and all the lovely Autumn feels are arriving. The leaves are already falling off the trees and you[...]
Ask me
Hiya,This is a quick one today as I want you to reply to me I'm recording this weeks podcast in[...]
Podcast: How to beat the weight loss plateau
Hey,Want to know about1) How to kickstart weight loss again when you seem to be stuck on a weight loss[...]
What did you have for breakfast ?
HeyThe start of another new week AND it's October!What did you have for breakfast this morning?Have you had a healthy[...]
GIGANTIC chocolate buttons in bed
I caved and ate those GIGANTIC chocolate buttons in bed last night.We all do itAre you (say yes) going to[...]
How Not To Lose Weight and Change Your Life
We've heard the term 'All The Gear, No Idea’ right? I'd like to think you've got most of the tools[...]

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Learn Taras secret handshake - de stress this Easter

Tara talks about how the 5 - 2 diet could work - with rules. She also tells us about keeping calm as a secret to weightloss

Learn Taras secret handshake - de stress this Easter

Some Ideal books to help you with your mind set for changing your lifestyle goals.

Learn Taras secret handshake - de stress this Easter

Emma is lost in the Protein Isle in the supermarket - what do they do and how do you know?

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