How To Choose Suitable Fitness Equipment if You Want to Lose Weight at Home | Tara Hammett

How To Choose Suitable Fitness Equipment if You Want to Lose Weight at Home

at home exercise equipment

Even though I do most of my workouts in a gym (it’s my time away from work, home and a break from Mamma duties), I’m a big ambassador of home workouts.

Walking into a gym can be so daunting for many that it stops them going and doing anything altogether. You can get such a great workout at home, using your own bodyweight or some simple equipment.

It is so convenient. You can set your alarm and get your workout done before your family get up….you don’t even need to get out of your PJ’s if you don’t want to.

You’ve got your shower there with all your favourite toiletries, so there’s no need to pack a heavy bag full of stuff and you’ll never risk forgetting your towel!

Breakfast will be easy to grab straight after and you can take on your day feeling energised, organised and productive.

The BEST equipment to use when you’re starting out is YOU.

Your bodyweight can give you the most challenging workout, so if you’re just starting out check out any one of my bodyweight workouts. This really can be enough to help you lose weight, burn fat and look more defined and strong.

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Before I give you my recommendations on what to buy, I want to let you know what to avoid.

The Worst Type of Home Equipment…

…is something you buy and never use.

I’m sure there are hundreds of cross trainers, treadmills and bikes doing a fantastic job of holding coats and piles of washing. They can be bulky and take up so much room however, if you use them regularly – they are great.

But you don’t need to go to that expense.

There are plenty of pieces you can invest in which will take up minimal space and won’t cost you too much.

The BEST Weight Loss Equipment

Here is what I love to use and I store in a cupboard away from sight and little fingers getting on them.


This would be my #1 investment. You can pay up to £250 for an adjustable set, but if you’re starting off there’s really no need.

A set of 5kg Dumbbells can be a great start to help you build upper body strength and still challenge your lower body. You can pick them up from £7-£10. Once you know you’re using them regularly you could invest in a heavier set for you lower body. Start with the one set to begin with and you can get more further down the line when you know it’s been a worthwhile investment.

Resistance Bands

Another super cheap piece of equipment that you can pick up from £1 or a set from £7.

You can carry a resistance band in your bag for a hotel room workout if you travel around a lot and you can do exercises to work your whole body. A set with different resistances would be good as you can use a light one for your upper body and a hard one for your lower body.


I’d probably only consider getting a kettlebell once you’ve been using dumbbells at home and you fancy some variety with your workouts. There are so many exercises you can do to make sure you never feel bored doing the same thing. They can also be hidden away and you can pick them up from £5. For your upper body you could try 4-6 kg and for your lower body try from 10kg. They do get more expensive as they get heavier (as with Dumbbells) or you could get a set from £20 with a variety of weights.

Don’t Fall For The Gimmicks

You can get totally mesmerised by clever adverts showing you the latest, most incredible home equipment which will help you look like the model/sports star advertising it in only 30 days.


Ab rollers, waist trimmers, body stimulators, hip trainers and ‘intelligent’ butt toners. (OMG google it and check out the butt of the model. Amazing! But I guarantee she has NOT used the miracle machine to help her achieve the ‘perfect figure…in 2 months…whilst lying or sitting.)

Use your intelligence and remember if it seems too good to be true…it probably is.

We will never get away from the fact that to lose fat and achieve a toned and defined body we need to eat better and exercise regularly, which can easily be done from the convenience of your home.


Tara Hammett