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How To Be More Productive and Awake in the Mornings

How To Be More Productive and awake in the mornings

Right now I’m the newest member of the 5am club, however I’m not saying you have to do 5am wake ups as well.  What I do recommend though is a good morning routine to set you up for a productive day.

Contented babies have good routines and I believe contented adults need good routines too.

 Last week on my 6 Week Online Coaching group I was asked the question by one one the ladies.

“How can I get up in the morning when it’s so cold and dark outside?”

I also had an email from another:

 “I want to do too much each morning. I need to figure out what I want to prioritize in the morning vs what can be done at night.” 

Start Your Day Stress Free

Many of our days can start off super stressed. Multiple snoozes means staying in bed until the last minute

  • Kids don’t get up
  • Rushing breakfast (if having anything)
  • Bolting out the door (already feeling stressed – Grrrrr #wehatemornings)
  • Traffic traffic and more traffic.

This is a build up of many micro stresses before the day has even started. Having a morning routine can help you invest in yourself and create a calmer start, helping you to feel less stresses

 As with all things that are good for us – it takes effort. In this case planning and taking action. The most successful people all have a good morning routine and make a habit of it. For me getting up early is essential to how the rest of my day goes and how my patience and mood are.

So here are a few of my:

How to have a productive morning’ tips


1) Stop Snoozing

There is a CRITICAL MOMENT in the morning. When your alarm goes off you have two options.

You snooze – which is SOOOOOOO NIIIIIIIICE. It’s warm, it’s cosy, you’re tired so you just want to stay snuggled under your duvet. This is the easy option though.

The comfort zone.

The place where everything feels easy and secure – but we never grow or challenge ourselves in this zone.

It’s nice to be there sometimes, of course, that’s what Sundays are for….but other times.

You need to dominate your day.

You have things to do, goals to achieve and if you want to elevate your morning, your mood, your success – choose the only option.


You must, without thinking, just flip the quilt back and get up. Yes – it’s hard…any time of the year.

I can often be putting my slippers on thinking ‘F**k this – its too hard, I can’t keep doing this’ Then I get to my kettle

I wake a little more and I remind myself……I love this time to myself. For me, it’s the only way to start a productive day. Nobody else is up and I can read, prep, workout, organise my day and enjoy my first cup of coffee in absolute peace & quite.


2) Prep the night before

 Make it as simple as possible to do what you need to do.

For me last night it was a simple case of writing down a few tasks I need to get completed before Danny wakes this morning.

 It could be getting your gym kit ready to slip on quickly, 

putting your slippers & dressing gown right next to your bed so you don’t feel cold.

packing kids school bags or lunch box.

You may need to get the iron and ironing board out ready….whatever it is, make it easier with a bit of evening prep.

3) Make your routine something you actually look forward to.

I always go straight into my home office. Either to do work (like this morning), or to enjoy my cuppa with my book. I’ve got a blanket that I love wrapping around me and I keep my favourite books to hand.

I also have a Neals Yard Essential Oil diffuser which smells amazing, glows and has a relaxing therapeutic sound which I love.

 My home office is an environment I enjoy. Make your room and routine something you learn to love too.

4) Get to bed the night before

How easily you get up in the morning will be determined by how much sleep you’ve had and what time you went to bed the night before. If you’re staying up until 10:30 / 11 / 11:30….it’s going to he harder to get up. My advice here is to invest in the night before too. get to bed early and get a proper nights sleep.

5) A big mug of your fave cuppa

 This could be my #1…it’s whilst the kettle is boiling that my mindset switches and I come to my senses that this is probably the best idea of my day. 99% of my day I know my morning routine is the best way to manage everything I have to do and reduce my stress.

There is that 1% of the day which is make or break. That 1% is the critical moment. It doesn’t have to be 5am…..choose a time that suits you, but completely transforms your day.

No of course….whilst I say all this I live in the real world too.

Parent life is tough and there will be mornings where I stay in bed a little longer because a bit more sleep is actually a priority. Danny may have disturbed my sleep, so this is where the good old

“It’s what you do the majority of time that matters”

  • Just like enjoying wine is fine
  • Eating chocolate is fine
  • Not having a workout is fine
  • Having a lie in is also fine…….from time to time.

What you do with your alarm can make all the difference with your health,  your weight loss, your happiness and your stress management.

Do you snuggle or do you flip the quilt and get up straight away?

 I’d love to know what you do each morning and how it affects your day

Tara xxx


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