Ep00 About The Life Transformer Show

Ep00 About The Life Transformer Show

Health and Fitness coach and mum’s weight loss expert Tara Hammett introduces herself and what she has in store for you over the next 12 weeks of the Life Transformer Show.

The Life Transformer Show is for you if you want to improve your life, lose weight and get healthier. Tara will be here to every week to help encourage healthy behaviours and feel better both physically and mentally and ultimately live a healthier happier life.

What’s Covered in This Episode of The Life Transformer Show

00:29 – What the Life Transformer show is about and how it can help you reach your heath and fitness goals as a buy mum

01:20 – Who is Tara Hammett and how she can help you. About her family life, and what she loves to do day day to day.

03:53 – What you can expect from each week’s episode of Teh Life Transformer Show

How To Connect With Tara Hammett:

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  • October 2, 2019