Ep 100 - Deb's lightest weight for 5 minutes - Tara Hammett

Ep 100 – Deb’s lightest weight for 5 minutes

It’s a very special episode of The Life Transformer Show, it’s podcast number 100. So Tara got a special guest for this episode. Tara and Deb talk about Debs dieting starting back when she was 16 jumping from diet to diet. How to factor in foods you love into your new lifestyle rather than cutting them out completely just to put weight back on when you start to eat them again. Deb is amazed at how far her transformation working with Tara has come which she can see clearly looking at her transformation photos.


What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Bad diet habits.
  • Weight loss shouldn’t focus on the scales.
  • Making great food choices.
  • Why you should document your journey.
  • Consistency wins results.


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