Can You Walk Your Way to Weight Loss? - Tara Hammett

Can You Walk Your Way to Weight Loss?

Can you walk your way to weight loss

With more exercise guides, nutrition plans and weight loss methods than ever before, all accessible on the device we carry around in our pockets, information isn’t what we are lacking to start our weight loss journeys. Its finding the time do it….

Before I tell you how simple it can be to start your weight loss journey, I want to tell you about one of the girls, Sara, in my Life Transformer Plan. As with everyone, I keep in touch with the ladies privately as well as in the support group. I messaged Sara to see how she was getting on with her health habits and lifestyle changes.

“Tara, I’m struggling to fit exercise into my week. My working day is long, and when I eventually get home I just about have enough time to make my dinner and then I’m off to bed. I only manage to exercise twice a week which isn’t really enough”.

It’s Hard to Manage Long Working Hours and Exercise on Top

I know this is a common situation that so many find themselves in.

Many people are up early in the morning, throw on their clothes and they’re out of the door for work, often not returning home until 12 hours later. They get home late after a long day, often too exhausted (mentally & physically) to do any exercise. Many can just about manage to make themselves a good meal and get ready for bed.


Anyway, myself and Sara sent a few messages back and forth and I asked if she had a fitness tracker. Yes she did! I then asked does she actually use it (imagine how many fitness trackers there are in peoples homes not being used). Great news, Sara used her tracker every day. She is sat at a computer for long periods, often having conference calls which take up half the day. The recordings show she struggles to get near 6000 steps on most days, but did manage 8000 on two days.

So I helped Sara set a little target – aim to achieve 8000 steps each day. And that’s it. Even though she works long hours and is sat at a a desk for most of the day, I wanted her to be more mindful and consider how to move more during the day.

So a few days later we caught up again.

There Are so Many Simple Ways to Increase Your Steps

She’d hit over 10,000 each day since we messaged!

“I can’t believe it” she said to me.

“I had to push myself more, and I had to think differently about my physical activity throughout the day, but I was surprised I managed this to be honest.”

Those small changes in a working day can make incredible differences when done consistently. We all need to think differently and move differently if we want to change our health and improve our lives. Sara lost an impressive 5 lbs in just 1 week after being more mindful about her movement in work. A fantastic achievement!

You Really Can Walk the Weight Off

If this isn’t proof, then I don’t know what is. 

If you find you’re one of those people who is sat down the majority of most days, works long hours at the office or spends most of their time looking after children, but you want to want to get fitter, healthier and lose weight, try some of these tasks:

  1. Wear a fitness tracker each day, it doesn’t have to be one of these expensive fancy ones, you can get them online really cheap if you’re starting out. This is a lovely one >> CLICK HERE )
  2. Set yourself a step target. 6000, 8000 or 10,000 steps per day. You can always set yourself a low target, and gradually increase it as you complete each week. 
  3. Look at simple ways you can move more in your day
    • Park further away from work than you would normally
    • Get on/off the bus at a different stop that makes you walk further
    • Go to a different toilet in work that is further away or on another floor
    • Take the stairs every time. No escalators or elevators
    • Walk to pass a message on rather than email or call
    • Go for a quick walk on your lunch break (get someone to join you)
    • Get a walking buddy. You are more likely to keep up the walking routine if you do it with someone

The more we move, the more energy we burn, resulting in more weight loss. When done consistently with healthy eating, weight loss becomes less of a chore, and more of a subconscious habit. If you’re struggling with exercise, don’t feel defeated by telling yourself you don’t have time, because every step you take is a step towards the happier, healthier you.

My advice – Start walking more today and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

  • March 18, 2019