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Are you desperate to lose weight?

So we know we need to do regular exercise.

  • Physically moving more,
  • Using up all the energy we eat to help us burn fat,
  • define our muscles,
  • Keep us fit & healthy

But how many put as much thought and focus into regular brain exercise?

  • Personal development
  • Thinking more positive
  • Putting things into perspective
  • Reducing stress & anxiety
  • Become more patient
  • Less irritable (less arguements)
  • Switch off from other peoples business and focus on you
  • More relaxed

^^^ A few of the benefits of regular mindfulness practice.
In the plan, we chat regularly about mindset.
This week, after sharing a piccy of my current reading, Samantha commented
"I'm desperate to get into this habit"
She's a busy mum to the gorgeous Rohan (he's 1 ) and whilst she continues to work on her fitness, health and celebrating getting into a smaller clothes size (yay), she wants to get into the habit of making time for herself & working on her mindset.
So, here are a few tips to help you make it easier too.
(As with any habit, the more you practice it, the easier it becomes and soon you won't be able to imagine your happier, healthier lifestyle without it).

#1 Decide what suits you best. Reading, listening or watching.

I LOVE a book. It's the whole experience for me either first thing whilst I'm on my own with my coffee or later in the day when I have some peace and a nice candle lit. The turning of the pages and reading is very therapeutic for me. However, I know some just haven't got the mind frame for it and respond better to listening.
So work out what you prefer and go down that route
(You may need to try all of them to know)

#2 Make it easy to do.

Keep a book at your bedside or a convenient place.
Download a podcast and keep the app on your homescreen
Pick an audio book and make sure your bluetooth is on in the car so it kicks in straight away
Subscribe to a motivational Youtube channel and turn on your notifications
All these will be reminders for you to do it regularly and not forget

#3 Choose your time

Would you rather get up early, have a cuppa and enjoy 10-15mins before anyone gets up?
Do you commute and want to utilise travel time efficiently
Does a snuggle in bed with a book sound blissful?
Whichever is best for you, plan it and do it. Make it a daily (or almost) thing that you do without it being unrealistic.

#4 Get something that really floats your boat.

In the plan I've got loads of recommendations to follow.
From books, podcasts (including mine), youtube video's, and Audio books
You can choose from being more productive, reducing anxiety, feeling inspired, understanding your thought and controlling emotional eating.
I've got the support group where you can join me and the girls to get motivated to do the little things that make a big difference.
Join in here now to start being more mindful
And.......we're getting ready for a 7 day sleep challenge.
We're gonna work on feeling more energetic,
getting better sleep,
waking feeling refreshed and alert
(and helping to lose weight easier).
Hopefully I'll see you in the group this weekend 😉
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Tara Hammett