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6 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

6 common weight loss mistakes

When it comes to weight loss, we know what we should be doing to live a healthier life, but we’re rarely told what should be avoided. I have provided the 6 common mistakes that many ladies make and what to do instead to get the dream body you deserve. 

1. Endless Hours Spent in the Gym

The first most common mistake I see people doing is spend endless hours in the gym, usually on a cardio machine believing it is the best way to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, it is great for endurance training, if you’re training for a marathon then I would recommend it, and if you enjoy a long run on a treadmill then go for it! But chances are you’ll struggle to squeeze it into your already busy lifestyle and won’t be able stick to it. A 12-minute, complete body transforming workout like the ones in my program are awesome as they’re over and done with before you know it, and actually work!

2. Starvation

Our bodies need food to function, and burning fat is a function, so for our bodies to efficiently burn fat it needs the right food to do so.  This is why starving yourself is not a good idea when it comes to weight loss. 

You may be in the habit of skipping breakfast, having a small salad for lunch, or maybe even just a coffee to see you through the day! These are not healthy ways of living and definitely not healthy ways to lose weight. Plus, chances are when you starve yourself throughout the day, once you get home you cant help yourself because you’re so hungry and have a continuous binge. Starving yourself also has an affect on your willpower. Eventually you will be so hungry and give up on your weight loss goals.

3. The Wrong Foods

We are often lead to believe there are certain foods better for weight loss, resulting in confusion over the subject. When trying to lose weight, the best way of accomplishing your goals is to simplify everything. As long as you eat healthy foods and have a balanced diet of fats, carbs and proteins, your body will be getting the right nutrition to burn fat – like all the meals in my weight loss program.

4. Obsessive Weight Monitoring

Constantly weighing yourself is not a healthy relationship to have with weight loss.  I am actually 5 lbs heavier than I was last year, but my inches are actually smaller. Nobody is going to randomly come along and pick you up every day, instead people will see what you look like. So focus more on the inch loss. Yes, you will lose weight, but you want to be losing the right weight fat, not muscle.

5. Overthinking

I used to do this myself, I often spent a lot of time thinking and planning on my meal plans and workout, looking for the ‘Best food to lose weight’ or ‘The number one exercise to burn fat’, but the truth is nothing will change until you take action! It’s one step at a time. Set yourself one task a week, even if it’s just to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Complete that week and add another task, soon you’ll have a whole load of healthy habits, moving you closer to your dream body. 

6. Doing it Alone

This one is often overlooked or discarded. Many believe weigh loss is a journey we must do on our own. Although, when we make big changes in our lives, support from others can be the thing that keeps you going. Most of us have a friend or a family member that wants to lose weight. So why not start your weight loss journey together. Talk to them today and discuss what you both want to achieve. That way, not only will you motivate each other but you won’t want to let the other down.

It Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

Weight loss doesn’t come easily, but at the same time it doesn’t have to be complicated. By making small changes in your life, being consist & planning, as well as the support from others, weight loss becomes less of a chore, and more of a lifestyle. When you start to see the results, you start to see why you put in the work and effort, motivation rises the dream body you deserves gets closer and closer.

  • December 9, 2019