4 Weight Loss Foods You Must Eat For Breakfast - Tara Hammett

4 Weight Loss Foods You Must Eat For Breakfast

What you do first thing will make ALL the difference to your day....so

"On the 4th day of Christmas Tara sent to me,
4 Brekkie Tips to make your start each day super healthyyyyyy"

All too often I still see people reaching for a brekkie that may not be satisfying,
keep you full or help you towards your goals.

What are you having each day?

I know having overnight oats or porridge may seem easy
(And I'm not saying it's bad)
However.....you must get variety and do the #1 thing to make brekkie better

#1 Base your breakfast around protein.

This can be so easy by using eggs, meat (chicken sausage/ham/turkey), fish (salmon), cheese, yoghurt or protein powder in a smoothie

#2 Add veggies.

Simple things like spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers. These will add more nutrition and will fill you more than just having eggs.

#3 Add fat.

Yum Yum.....especially things like milled flaxseed in yuor yoghurt or avocado with your eggs & veggies. For a super creamy smoothie - avocado is the #1 ingredient to make it extra delicious. Keep it to about 1/4 - 1/2 as a portion.

#4 Have carbs around your workouts. 

So if you're a morning person when it comes to moving, have some protein oats after.

YES...you can have this as part of a balanced eating plan, just have it about 3 times per week so you get the chance to add variety and try other amazing meals to start your day.

IF you're finding it hard right now, you're not alone.

It's Dark
It's Cold
It makes you want warm comfort food and treats.

Stay consistent and if you AT THE VERY LEAST have a good breakfast to start your day, this may help you stay mindful for the day and minimise the damage of festive foodies.

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 5...this one's a real treat!

  • December 14, 2017