You may be a bit TOO OLD for this email - Tara Hammett

You may be a bit TOO OLD for this email

“What am I doing?
I’m too old for this…”
Emma said that yesterday.
Which I responded to with
1) Immediate eye rolling – Tara style
2) A Tara Rant….
3) I also continued to wind Emma up during
the session – which is standard as we have
tonnes of FUN during our training sessions even though she calls
the walk to the gym “The Green Mile”
Do you think that sometimes about your age?
Worry is self-attack.
Worrying about what others will think
Self sabotaging when you should be PROUD
of yourself for being responsible for
your life, health & actions.
And anyone that wants to bring you down,
do so because they project
their own FEARS onto you (and others)
They see you doing what they
WISH they did.
But they don’t do it
because they can’t be bothered and it’s easier
to spectate and judge.
Emma had done a photoshoot,
and you should see her.
(I will show you soon)
Remember the Life TARAnsformer
Yeah – like that
Something to feel proud about
no matter what your age.
Many people will put things off or
NEVER start them because they think they’re too old
or it’s too late.
It never is.
We all want to feel young
Full of ENERGY
Happier and more positive and
ALL of this can be achieved…
Not matter what your age,
when you focus on YOU.
YOU before others you lOVE
YOU before others that want to judge.
What are you putting off EVERY DAY because of thoughts
similar to “I’m too old”?
Maybe – “I’m too overweight…”
“I’m too ugly…”
“I’m too shy..”
“I’m too scared…”
Today you CAN do something small for yourself
to work on losing weight.
You CAN become healthier
You CAN become more confident
You CAN Think more positive about yourself
and do those things you REALLY WANT.
You may not know exactly WHAT to do
right now – but I do have an answer.
Inside HERE are the tools and
SIMPLE steps to help you GROW.
To change the SHAPE of your body
To IMPROVE your eating habits and health
To encourage you to BELIEVE in yourself
and change your MINDSET
The BEST thing about my inner circle is you can
do this in the safety of your
own home.
You don’t have to scare yourself turning
up in a room full of people you don’t know.
I’ve taken all the CONFUSION out of
what to eat with recipes and
videos answering TONNES of questions.
You can ease yourself in
super gently.
Here’s the link
Age is just a number.
It does not DEFINE YOU and
if you still think you’re too old for certain things
you are never too old,
to love, to smile,
to give a compliment,
to think positively.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S t’s my birthday tomorrow….I’ll be 36.
Is that too old to have a unicorn birthday cake and
a sleep over at my parents house? If not, coming? ha! xx
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