UPGRADE Your Christmas: Enjoy, Feel Happy and Stay Accountable

It’s the most TEMPTING time of the year!!!

And yes, we should absolutely enjoy, indulge and have a fab time, but can we feel merry and motivated at the same time? 

YES WE CAN with the BRAND NEW Festive & Focused Accountability Challenge.

I know you may be having some thoughts:

  • Worried that all the social events you have will mean eating and drinking more than usual and you’ put on weight
  • Concerned the chocolates and goodies hanging around in the office may pop into your mouth too easily and you’ll end up eating the lot
  • Peer pressure may get to you and you drink to much and end up dragging yourself through the days with a monster hangover
  • Feel self conscious and dread going places
  • You want to enjoy, but don’t want to start the roast potatoes, pringles and Cheese & crackers and think SOD IT  ‘I may aswell just finish them off’ 
  • Don’t want to be feeling regret in January because you did what you said you would not do this year.

I’m here to help you UPGRADE your Christmas this year!

You can still:

  • Have fun and enjoy without feeling out of control
  • Stay focused on your goals and not let old habits creep back in
  • Keep up routine whilst juggling all the prepping & partying
  • Enjoy without going overboard
  • Celebrate without ever feeling guilty
  • Entertain without thinking it will ruin everything
  • Have fun & enjoy whilst paying attention

With the Festive & Focused Accountability Challenge you’ll:

  • Get access for the whole of December in our Exclusive Facebook Daily Check-in Accountability group
  • Stay Merry & Motivated with my easy to follow Daily Check-In 5-Step System to give you clarity on what you need to do that will take minutes each day and help you feel in control and look forward to all the celebrations.
  • Stay consistent with your routine, no matter how busy you are
  • Feel encouraged & inspired with 5 live coaching sessions helping you with everything you need to stay focused including advice on eating out, party drinking, eating behaviours, feeling in control around a buffet.
  • Practical tips to get through the holiday season so you can plan & prep when you’re busy and feel confident you won’t be gaining lots of weight.

UPGRADE your Christmas by enjoying, creating magical memories AND stay accountable so you feel your absolute BEST

When you join you’ll get instant access and we’ll be together through the whole of December right up to New Years Day!

This year, I’m here with a fantastic group of women, just like you, to encourage you to think


Life’s too short to feel lethargic, bloated, self conscious and rubbish

Let’s UPGRADE our celebrations, pay attention, add extra sparkle to everything you do. 

Put yourself first, feel focused, in control and confident this Christmas.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..are you ready to make it more memorable for all the right reasons?


Q Will the live coaching sessions be recorded?

A Yes. everything will be recorded so you can catch up when it suits you best.

Q Are there workouts?

A There isn’t a workout plan within the challenge, however there are many options to get access from Tara’s workout plans

Q Do we get access to a support group? 

A Yes. Everything in the challenge is within the Facebook Group

Q Do we meet up? 

A No, which means you can be anywhere to join in. Location doesn’t need to be an issue as the plan can come to you

Q Will there be live coaching with Tara? 

A Yes, Tara holds 5 live coaching sessions which will answer all of your questions, help you with clarity and give you the confidence to reach your goals

Q Are there meal plans to follow?

A Tara has carefully created Menu’s guides, but even better than that, Tara will help you with meal planning so you really do get long term results and not restricted to meal plans. Learning how to eat freely and improve your relationship with food is the key to long term success. There is also a full recipe section and cooking videos for lots of ideas and variety with food you enjoy.

Let’s start and make your memories more magical

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