The WRONG WAY to eat Grenade bars - Tara Hammett

The WRONG WAY to eat Grenade bars

^^^ See that photo there..^^^

One of the most POWERFUL ways to stay motivated to do what you need to do to change, lose weight, feel more in control and happier and the reason that these girls and the rest of the team have
had a brilliant start to 2018 and are loving their weight loss.

Month 1 has already gone....
We're already 4 days into February
How has your 2018 started?

It is HARD to stay motivated, we can all feel like that most of the time yeah.

I know for sure sometimes I can't motivate myself
to do all the things I want to do.

The same goes for the ladies who join in with my programmes


  • REALLY want to tone things up.
  • REALLY need to work on it.
  • REALLY want to be a great Mum and take their
    kids swimming but avoid it.
  • REALLY can't look at their body in
    the mirror each day.

Here's a question I often ask girls who want to change:

How do you feel when you look at your body in the mirror?

"I can't even do it" is the response of so many

How do you feel?

Truth now!

In my coaching calls we all have a nice relaxed chat.

From our homes, no need to get dressed up (Even eating dinner with kiddies on laps like Vicki did - that's life hey!).

When we chat together and have a one-to-one hot seat. This is where the game changes.

We talk about the success of the past few days.
What we've been doing, what we've been eating, how we've been feeling.

After the chat everyone (including me), feels so much more enthusiastic and motivated and the best part - it fits into your busy busy day.

You don't need to come out late at night or super early to see me. You have a one-to-one with me in your own home.

This is the one VITAL INGREDIENT everyone needs to get motivated and succeed


(Yep - I'm going on about it again today)

To make lasting change you need support and help to keep you going and make sure you're on the right track

This week Kathy had a brilliant session. We got talking about Grenade bars and how they are AMAZING to enjoy for a chocolate fix - but she was doing something completely wrong with them, which I'm sure many are too.
So she's gonna see some faster weight loss with the little trick I told her about.

Whatever you're doing right now to lose weight / get healthier / tone up more

Keep doing it but change ONE THING....Don't do it alone.

It's easy to let yourself down and brush it off until tomorrow. Get support.

I would REALLY LOVE if you would email me back and let me know what YOU have one so far this year.

Step up and be accountable to this email.

What have you got to lose?




Come to my FREE seminar in Swansea (Which is filling up so fast, I'm actually thinking of doing another one outside of Swansea)

Have you signed up to come along?

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  • February 4, 2018