WOW the turny, twisty, blitzy TARAnado!! Run for your greens! | Tara Hammett

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WOW the turny, twisty, blitzy TARAnado!! Run for your greens!


Has anyone else noticed that more & more people

are making their own smoothies these days??


I soooooo wish I was also in the

smoothie machine industry!


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OMG I’d call it

The TARAnado..

(instead of tornado…obv)

It twists,

It turns veggies into awesome


There’s nothing the TARAnado can’t turbo blitz!


And then..In my free little recipe book that you’d get in the

box you’d have a load of my smoothie recipes.


I was chatting with Lou from last months

7 day detox program  and as the weather is so delish,

I wanted to make some more fun ways of getting

extra goodness into your day.


And yesterday I magic-ed this beety beauty.

It’s frozen, yummo, full of detoxing goodness AND

everyone will lurve it!



Frozen Smoothie:
2 handfuls frozen spinach
1 small raw beetroot
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup ice cubes
1 cup cold water
10-12 goji berries for decoration

Blitz and enjoy instead of sorbet or ice cream!

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Tara Hammett