"Wow, Mammy, you look beautiful" ? - Tara Hammett

“Wow, Mammy, you look beautiful” ?


Suze. Lost 17lbs and 28 inches

So what’s so different about Suzanne and you?

She works

She has a big man and a little man to look after

She’s busy

Much the same as anyone?

The difference with Suze and many others is

she has lost 17lbs and 28 inches.

Suze dropped the excuses and decided to make a small change,

one day at a time.

She’s gone from wanting to take photos and generally

hide behind the camera to feeling more confident and celebrate her

transformation by getting in front of the camera.

Gorgeous, like Sarah who I showed you yesterday and the other Taransformers

She wanted to lose weight and she’s on her mission to smash her goals.

As Suze said:

“I remember first seeing you on TV when you did the fitness at the DVLA and thought then I need this lady to sort me out xx Now you are and I honestly couldn’t be happier xx

So glad I plucked up the courage to respond to one of your emails, it was the best thing I ever did xx Love, love, love your programme and the support all the girls give xx

My boy made my day when I walked out dressed in one of my new outfits

and for the first time ever with no prompting from anyone

(remembering he’s only 4 years old) said

“Wow, Mammy, you look beautiful”,

then I knew for sure I was doing the right thing xx”

Awwwwwww…..is that the cutest ever?!?!?

Suze doesn’t need me to tell her how fantastic she’s done, when her little man comes out

with the best compliment EVER.

So do what Suze DID:

#1 STOP eating junk (<< You know this, but still keep doing it too much maybe?)

#2 START making time for yourself to be active (<< You know this, but still skip sessions maybe?!)

#3 PLAN spending quality time with loved ones (Maybe you do this, or do you scroll through social media instead?)

#4 GET SUPPORT (<< Who have you got? Suze got the Taransformer team to stay in touch with, ask questions and stay mindful)

…and NEXT

Do what Suze is going to DO:

#1 STAY ACCOUNTABLE – she’s joining detox week next week and the Life Taransformer 10 programme (Losing weight in the run up to Christmas – Yes way!)

#2 SAY CONSISTENT – She’s going to keep doing what she already knows (<< This is the ONLY way to lose the weight and keep it off)

On the weekend we’re opening the FINAL detox week of the year.

No more, LAST ONE!!

Need a bit of a boost.

A Pre-Christmas cleanse?

Drop a few more pound before the partying kicks in?

7 Day Detox

The next programme is gonna be super motivated, don’t miss out.

Tara xx

P.S What’s your fave soup flavour? I’ve got serious soup cravings and want to make some more which I’ll add to the detox recipes


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  • November 3, 2016