Would you rather be Tazered or Tara'd? - Tara Hammett

Would you rather be Tazered or Tara’d?

Whilst I was getting my knuckles
and elbows stuck into Katy yesterday morning
she told me a funny story about
how she was doing training in work
and accidentally tazered herself

Not funny, yes I know, but it kinda was
especially the bit about wanting a
Barbie plaster – ha ha.

Katy will be joining the
team next week as we kick off the
7 day TARAnsformer Detox program
on Sat 24th and whilst the massage
was a good, deep, full body stretch out
it was a fab way of helping eliminate toxins too.

Once I’d left Katy feeling spaced out and
über chilled, I made my way to
the local radio station to
talk even more about the detox program.

Helen, one of the radio presenters,
is so excited to be starting
the program tomorrow.

We got so excited, we non-stop talked
for an hour about health, weight loss and
positive mindset…..I love it so much.

When someone asks me questions I
turn into ‘Little Miss Firework Display’
and light up and get excited.

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It’s just the two of us next week as
Helen will be featuring the
(biased comment alert)


^^^^ Click that link^^^^

all week on the radio and I’d
love for you to tune in and listen to how she gets on.

We’ll also be blogging and videoing her
progress, so if you’ve been thinking
before you take action…follow
us for a day by day account of how she gets on.

And sticking with the theme of

‘Do Diets Work??’

I was filming all afternoon yesterday
with the BBC…..I”m so excited about this
next program….

Lets just say, I didn’t realise
I was such a thief!!

I can’t say too much right now,
but I’ll share more info
with you soon.

That’s me – have a stunning Sunday.
I’m having a family BBQ!

Keep fit & fab!

Tara xxx

PS Tomorrow I’m going to

share with you the little lesson I taught

my parents this weekend and how you

can learn from it too.

Tara Hammett