Would you eat this? - Tara Hammett

Would you eat this?

There’s MORE for you to see too.
This month I want YOU
to LOVE everything you eat and
STILL lose weight.
Lamb & Mint Curry – For the weekend when you fancy
a bit of an indian inspired meal
Spanish Chorizo & Bean Stew – For that cold day when
you want a hearty meal to warm you up and snuggle up after
(And save some to put in a container for work maybe)
Sweet & Spicy Beef – For an easy meal you can make a big
batch of for the whole family or if friends visit, which everyone
will love and you  won’t be stressing over the cooker.
Doesn’t sound like you’d
be hating your diet and struggling to stay on
track with those recipes does it?
You’ll hear me say regularly how your nutrition
is so important and you need to balance your
meals with protein, veggies and go lower carb for
optimal fat burning.
That’s EXACTLY why I show you
how you can TARAnsform really nice meals
so you can LOVE what you eat and NOT
be confused by how to make them and if you’re
eating the right ones!
If you REALLY want to feel better
SUPER FAST create one of the recipes above and
watch your weight loss speed up.
You can also get 2 new workouts and
daily support from Me & Lou when you
join the Inner Circle.
I’m off to do 12mins in the gym now!
You doing 12 with Tara today??

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
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  • February 5, 2016