Willpower, where are you? - Tara Hammett

Willpower, where are you?

Today I want to share with you a few willpower tips.

I can guarantee many of us really need to exercise a bit of resisting
at this time of year.

Very often I’ll be out with friends who will
tell me how much they admire my dedication and willpower
but its something I’ve had to work on over the years
and still do!

Of course I have the odd treat from time to time,
but after a bit of practice it has become my lifestyle.

So how can you strengthen your willpower?

You’ll need to take some action to get what you want!

If you think about something and don’t take action – nothing happens
so what it takes to take action is willpower.

Here’s a few tips to help Increase your willpower

Commit for a set amount of time.

Changing habits is hard – commit to it for a set amount of time
i.e 21 days like the TARAnsformation program.
Once u realise the power of your own will, the sky it the limit.

Make choices early in the day

Ever noticed how you seem to fall off track
later in the day?

Willpower gets depleted as you use it up,
so make clean choices early in the day when willpower is at it’s strongest.
For example: prepare your food for the day in the morning when your willpower is strong.
Then you’ll have more chance of staying on track with
your meals and resisting unhealthy food as you may aswell eat what you’ve got.
You can do the same with exercise,
do it first thing if possible. Once you’ve done it, you can get on
with the rest of your day.

Reward yourself regularly

When you make a commitment to make a change, treat yourself to a reward. For example – if you complete 4 workout sessions and eat clean all week you can earn yourself a relaxing massage, or a glass of red wine with your dinner on the weekend.

Measure your success

Frequent measurements can increase your willpower and success.
So without obsessing, use a tape measure or a certain item of clothing
like an old pair of jeans to measure how well your inches are going down once a week.

Be your own best friend

If you had a friend
who asked you to help them to stay on track – you’d help them right?
Do the same for yourself.
If you get faced with temptation, do what you’d tell your friend to do.
Walk away. Focus on what you’ve wanted for a long time –
not just for 5 minutes.

Focus on what you really want

Again, when faced with temptation ask yourself
‘Will this help me towards my goals?’
If the answer is no remind yourself of what you’ve always wanted,
not what you’ve wanted for 5 minutes. I often say to myself
‘I’ve tried it before,
I know what it tastes like – no biggy’

I hope theses tips help you with your willpower.
This is a good time of year to test it.
Good luck!

Keep fit, fab and strong willed!

Tara x

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  • December 11, 2013