Will Today Be Any Different?

Will Today Be Any Different?

Would you consider yourself a Yo-Yo dieter?

Some people don't really know the answer to this, but if each week you're saying
"start again Monday", theres a good chance you may be.

After the weekends events, being out of routine and 'naughty', so many will create stress, worry and guilt in their minds because they weren't 'perfect, 'good' or 'clean' on the weekend.

Reality is, enjoying some indulgences on the weekend is fine and you can STILL achieve your health goals by enjoying your fave things, as long as you've got a healthy balance around it.

Consider your whole lifestyle.

Do you move regularly on weekdays and weekends?
Do you eat heathy food most of the time and enjoy it?
Do you stay mindful on those 'off' days (instead of enjoying one or two...does a whole pack go?)

Yes....if you're on a journey to change, it will take some hard work.
It will take some discipline and we all need a little tough love to give us a reality check, but we can be kind to ourselves too.

Very often, when is needed is all stuff we already know yet don't deal with.
It's kept locked away and ignored and guess what happens then....NOTHING!

The same stuff all the time.

Last week I had an email conversation with a lovely lady.

She's been following me for a while but done nothing.
(the idea of joining my plans has been too daunting)

I get it....we all feel nervous about new things and especially when there's a whole bunch of strangers involved too.

So we started some online one-to-one coaching.

Our chat last week was so inspiring.

We talked about so many obvious things and the chat has given a WHOLE WORLD of inspiration and motivation.

We've kept in touch every day via Whatsapp with photos of meals,
feedback on movement and today a new fitness tracker should be arriving - yay! another tool to keep motivation & movement up.

We set a very realistic target for the next 7 days and I'm delighted to see some significant changes already (and yes....there have still been desserts and a Sunday lunch)

Change is all about baby steps which create big results.

So this Monday consider doing something different to help you do what you need to do.

If you want some one to one coaching as you're unsure of my plans...get in touch


You can start to get a bit excited that my next 6 Week Body Plan is coming soon.

The post Easter plan is on its way and you can register to let me know you're interested by CLICKING HERE

Don't worry...you're not signing up to anything today, it's literally for you to let me know you may fancy giving it a go and I can keep you in the loop with all the info about it.

Make a difference this week
Get planning and take action.

And for even more inspiration make sure you're following me on Instagram. I'm always sharing my meals (so you can copy), what I'm up to and lots of little tips of what you can add to your day to stay enthusiastic!

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Happy Monday!

P.S if you feel a bit self conscious and would like to catch up privately with me about getting healthier, email me and we can chat 

  • March 19, 2018