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Why Now Is the Best Time to Focus on Weight Loss

Why Now Is the Best Time to Focus on You Weight Loss

I hope everyone is well and staying safe & strong in these challenging times. After weeks of being in lock-down, many of us are starting to look back and reflect on how we have dealt with the current situation. People are reflecting on their habits, their motivation and their emotions.

I know some of the girls in the Life Transformer have found it difficulty to stay positive and motivated. They have been asking for advice and additional support in practising healthy habits and stay on track of their weight loss goals.

So, here is Gemmas story of how she changed her life around from unhappy and unmotivated to positive and productive, allowing her to finally get the body she deserves.ย 

How Gemma Went From Down & Depressed to Happy & Healthy

Gemma initially only wanted to join the Life Transformer Plan for 6 weeks last year to have a bit of a kick up the butt. However, she decided to stay with us, and yesterday she shared and celebrated her 1 year anniversary achievements as a member of the Life Transformer community.

This is her story:

“๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’“๐ŸŒŸ Happy one year with Life Transformers ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’“๐ŸŒˆ

Joining The Life Transformer was the best decision I ever made. In 2019 I was grieving my Dad and had fallen into a very low and dark place. I had completely given up on myself and had let ‘me’ and my health fall to the bottom of the list of priorities and knew something needed to change.ย 

I saw Taraโ€™s 6 week plan and decided to give it a try, hoping to boost me on my way and after the six weeks Iโ€™d go it alone. 1 year on Iโ€™m still here!ย 

The ladies in the Life Transformer group gives me accountability, mindfulness, hope and pride. All things that make your health & weight loss goals much easier to achieve.

I love being a part of it, and supporting others as well as ensuring I remember my goals, what serves me and the reasons why I want to achieve. Small and simple habits have slowly worked their way into my weekly routine:ย 

  • 10k steps a day
  • Drinking more water
  • Completing a HIIT workoutย 
  • Lowering carbs
  • Increasing vegetables and protein
  • Challenging myself and setting myself goals

ย All these things seemed challenging and sometimes impossible when I first joined. However, now they are second nature to me, and all of them contribute to helping me achieve my goals.

I love how Tara educates her Life Transformers about nutrition and empowers us with the knowledge and motivation to lose weight, burn fat and tone up, even when it does seem impossible.ย 

When first joiningย the Life Transformer, I was fed up of the lbs I had piled on and wanted to tone up and feel fitter. A year later I have most definitely achieved my orriginal goal, but more importantly my physical,ย mental and emotional well-beingย have greatly improved!

Thank you Tara, for transforming my life and making me part of a community of ladies I will always call friends.”


Want Results Like Gemma?

We are currently living through a time were we need to look after ourselves now more than ever. Do you keep putting yourself at the bottom of the pile? Do you keep avoiding getting on track of your healthy and fitness because you simply don’t have enough time? Well now is the time!

This may be the perfect, and even only time you will be able to invest in yourself to change your life around. No distractions or temptations of nights out, shopping or weekends away. Its the perfect and most important time to invest in your physical and mental health.ย 

Are you ready to regain control of your life, boost motivation & positivity, lose weight and become a fitter, healthier version of you? Join Gemma and the girls in the Life Transformer Plan today.

If you’re in need of a ‘kick up the bum’ like Gemma did, you can simply join us for a month to give you the motivation and knowledge to keep going on your own. However, I cant guarantee you wont want to stay a little longer with myself and rest of the girls because learning, achieving and getting the body deserve is a fun and enjoyable journey.ย 

Now is NOT the time to reduce your fitness levels, reduce the quality of your nutrition or reduce those feelings of energy, happiness and pride. Take action, small steps and slowly create your new routine, new habits, new lifestyle and new outlook.

Click here to join >> Join The Life Transformers Now

Give one month a try (you’ll love it)

Tara xxx

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