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Whoopie Pie Time!!

Oh my days – what a creation!

Did you see my piccy last night of my chocolate mouth heaven!!

I was tapping away here on the computer and I fancied something clean but naughty. So I got my ‘I deserve a treat’ choccy brain going. I actually made quite a mess with my sauce and licked it off my phone. It was all over the place!

This ‘treat deserving’ stemmed from a very busy and very exciting week.

This week the TARAnsformation program has been officially launched down under in Australia!


Another health focused company has joined in with the TARAnsformation program. I’m excited to be working with Arvato and helping get the workforce fit, fab, happy & productive. If you’re interested in getting the TARAnsformaiton program in your workplace to LOSE BIG and SAVE BIG, email me.

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I’m working with South West Wales Media Evening Post with the first Fitness & Wellbeing EXPO in Swansea!


I’m loving it!!
I’ve got many goals for 2014 and
I can already put a big tick next to some of those already
(I’m also on book number 5 of my New Years Resolution to read more)
I really hope you’re still taking steps to what you want to achieve this year. 
Thoughts can certainly become reality.
Think Big, Make the Decisions to take Action and Step by Step you will get there!
I’ll reveal more information about the EXPO
next week as I’ll be hosting seminars and exercises classes along with
many other fabulous fitness professionals that you can join in with for
Back to my whoopie pie.
After I made one, I posted it on Facebook and before I knew it
I was making another two for my brother-in-law and hubby.
Then my other brother-in-law called in and I had a full kitchen of men, whoopee pies and
sticky fingers!!
So if you want to ‘Cheat Clean’ as they say, this bad boy is awesome!
Low Carb, High Protein, Yummy Yum Yum
Chocolate Peanut Whoopie Pie
Whoopie pie
Quest Bar
½ Scoop Whey Protein
½ Teaspoon organic 100% Cocoa (I use Green & Blacks) 
Cut your Quest bar in two and shape into a cookie shape.
Pop in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees for 4-5 mins. Whilst the cookies are in the over mix your whey & cocoa with a teaspoon of water for a thick sauce. Take your cookies out of the oven, add your sauce to one, layer the other on top and you’re all pie’d up ready to munch on!!
Why on earth would you eat High sugar, fat, processed junk when you can have THIS!!
With 200kCals, 30g protein, 5 g net Carbs ( There’s 22g carbs and 17g fibre, so we subtract the fibre) and 5g fat.
Who needs guilt!?!?!?!You can thank me by sending me a box of Quest bars!! 😉
Keep fit & fab!
Tara xx
P.S Registration has now officially opened for the TARAnsformation program in February (all over the world) Click here to join in now and Detox from the sugar whilst working towards your ‘Sexier You’ goal! 

Tara Hammett