When is best to exercise? - Tara Hammett

When is best to exercise?

That’s amongst some of the
questions I’ve had in my inbox today.
I think this Monday has
been maybe the most motivating yet.
Quite a few have bought my DVD this morning,
Downloaded it to their smart phones & tablets and ready
to take on the new week.
Maybe it’s taken until now to get over Christmas?!?
I thought I’d share some of
the questions and comments to help inspire and educate you.
1) When is best to exercise?
A) DO IT!!! That’s the main thing. One of my friends bought
my first DVD from me months ago.
3 weeks ago she opened the DVD and actually did it.
Took long enough to start, but she got there.
That’s the trick…proper magic!
She’s loving the results form just working out
for 12 minutes that she shared her excitement on my
Facebook wall. Now all her friends want in on the action
and have bought themselves a copy.
Top Tip: Do it rather than just think about it. If you’re a morning person
or an evening person…just do it!
2) Hi Tara I’m about to order a copy of your DVD ,
but I’m just wondering which would be more suitable.
I want to lose weight but also boost my fitness and muscle as well ?
Thanks x
A) Both of the DVD’s will help with toning and fat burning.
That’s why I designed them this way.
We’re all so busy and kinda want the maximum
done in minimum time. So I specifically chose the
exercises within both DVD’s KNOWING these are the BEST
for fast results.
DVD 1 has added recipes in there and
DVD 2 takes it up a notch.
3) Hiya, I’ve lost four pound this week doing your DVD
and healthy eating! Really pleased.
Was wondering what weights you use in the DVD?
I think I need heavier ones X
A) I use the 6kg dumbbells so if you
want to invest in some you can pick
up 5kg online…but be careful.
Some have been caught out and bought 5kg for
the pair so it’s only 2.5kg in each hand. You’ll want
5kg in each hand for epic toning.
(Or you can use water bottles)
4) Hi Tara I bought a DVD from you
it’s the one with you wearing red top and black shorts and dumb bells,
but my dog chewed the box to bits the DVD thankfully is fine –
would it be possible if you could email me a copy of the
cover so I can put in in my new box please?
A) ha ha – even pets want in on the action!!!
Cover pic is on it’s way. Keep your dogs away from me please!
Want a copy and get fit in just 12 minutes??
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S If you buy BOTH – I’ll give you all 4 of my cookbooks
to help you with your nutrition too 😉
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